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The Awesome Things We Did at #ChurpOut2013 – A Recap

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Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were ablaze with mentions of #ChurpOut2013 all day last Saturday, 19 October 2013 at the Outdoor Park, Setia City Mall, when over 4,000 of you Churpers and friends joined us for a day of entertainment at the unique street fair with a cause, which we told you about earlier!

If you missed the event, here’s a recap of what went down:

Meet Linora! Our chirpy host from #ChurpOut2012 was back for more at #ChurpOut2013!

The crowd started streaming in at 11.00AM, and they were greeted by the #ChurpBungee reverse bungee, one of the main highlights at #ChurpOut2013.

The first stop was ChurpChurp’s registration counter, where pre-registered Churpers needed only to show their QR code to get an awesome goodie bag!

After registration, everyone was free to explore the four different zones we had – Market Place, Street Fair, Center Stage and Tech Zone!

1. Market Place

With 25 over fashion vendors participating in #Churpout2013, it’s no wonder that the Market Place was crowded with shopaholics from 11-7PM!

Churpers and friends had the opportunity to raid the wardrobes of influential fashion icons such as Audrey Ooi a.k.a. Fourfeetnine and Cheeserland of Foruchizu, and Hanis Zalikha, and scout for more great deals from various online boutiques such as Street Fashion by Sazzy Falak, Fashion Valet, Phat Culture, and more.

After getting a great bargain with enough new clothes for lots of #OOTD sessions, those with growling stomachs feasted like a king as KyoChon, one of our official partners, made their Malaysian debut at #ChurpOut2013. Our Churpers had the chance to be the first to sample the freshest, healthiest chicken from one of South Korea’s largest, award-winning fried chicken restaurant franchises!

The booth even attracted tons of fans of Korean mega stars Super Junior, the official ambassadors of KyoChon! Everyone had the chance to win Super Junior merchandise upon participating in games like K-Twist competition, Wing King Contest and Declare Your Love.

Food lovers were excited too to see MAMEE, partnering ChurpChurp for ChurpOut for the second year in a row. At the MAMEE booth, members of the public satiated their hunger with various MAMEE Chef, Mister Potato, and MAMEE Monster products, and got entertained with several games as well!

It wouldn’t be “a street fair with a cause” without our NGO partners! Present at ChurpOut 2013 were also the causes that ChurpChurp supports, such as The Star’s RAGE Against Bullying, World Vision, SPCA and MAKNA. Did you make a pledge or donation while you were at ChurpOut?

2. Street Fair

Besides shopping and eating, #Churpout2013 provided a carnival atmosphere throughout the day, where festival goers could find many of their favourite childhood carnival games there, such as the ring toss, coconut bowling, hula hoop and even an i Darts machine!

After completing these 5 tasks, Churpers could redeem stamps they collected for cool gifts at the redemption counter, such as Dorinku drinks and a limited edition ChurpChurp badge!

Besides that, giveaway sessions were held on ChurpChurp’s Twitter and Instagram platforms throughout the day to reward our loyal followers who were present at #Churpout2013. Check out some of the cool prizes such as cute mini LINE dolls and McDonald’s fridge magnets that were up for grabs:

The Street Fair section was also where art and creativity flourished. 7 Malaysia’s most well-loved comic bloggers with 7 district styles, Akiraceo, CheeChingy, Ernest Ng, Bolehland, Ericleeh, Ms Bulat and Kendylife entertained the crowd with their caricatures drawn on illustrating papercraft. Did you get a papercraft model of yourself from any of them?

The highlight of the street fair was undoubtedly the #ChurpBungee! Our Churpers were thrilled to find that the reverse bungee ride was FREE as all they had to do was to either tweet or flash their LINE app for a turn on the ride.

Things got heated at 5.00PM as our ChurpChurp Alphas (Linora Low, Jeremy Teo, Aida Sue, Dennis Yin, Reuben Kang, Dan Khoo, Chelsia Ng, Redmummy) each took the #ChurpBungee challenge head on and got catapulted into space!

And to relive our first ever #ChurpOut, we brought back kite flying to #ChurpOut2013.

For those feeling a little low, giant bubbles were there to cheer everyone up! Poke ALL the bubbles!

3. Center Stage

Food, fashion and games weren’t all that ChurpOut 2013 had to offer, as we also showcased a number of talented local performers that day!

First up was the cheerleading troupe Cheer Aces, who wowed the crowd with their energetic performances.

In the evening, K-pop dance group, Epsilon showed the crowd the new definition of “sexy”!

The Capoeira group, Grupo Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Malaysia also gave Malaysians a taste of something different with their performance.

Meanwhile, William Sin and the Sunshine Ukulele Kids serenaded everyone with soothing tunes at the Center Stage!

A street fair is incomplete without street art, so for ChurpOut2013, we teamed up with Nusantara Edaran Filem and local graffiti artist Kenji Chai for a special “umbrella graffiti” display, in conjuction with the upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!

Kenji gave 26 umbrellas his personal touch with graffiti to spell out “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.

Besides the umbrella graffiti, Kenji also put a spin on a dress inspired by Katniss’ in Catching Fire, designed exclusively by Gilbert Ng. Check out how amazing it looks after Kenji’s work:

4. Tech Zone

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer!” Our Churpers definitely did not miss the opportunity to get their free photos taken at the WOW Photobooth as a cool souvenir from #ChurpOut2013!

The overcast skies did not stop our enthusiastic Churpers and friends from enjoying themselves at #ChurpOut2013.

Thanks a million to everyone who tweeted that day as #ChurpOut2013 trended on Twitter, with over 2,500 tweets reaching out to 770,118 people! Talk about the power of social media influencers!

Besides trending on Twitter (which is an AMAZING feat!), we also accomplished over 2,200 #ChurpOut2013 Instagram photos and counting! Woohoo!

For more awesome pictures of the event, check out this album on our Facebook Page. Once again, we would like to thank every single one of you who came out that day to join us at #ChurpOut2013 – we had such a blast at seeing all of you there!

And if you missed chilling with the DOOF bean bags at #ChurpOut2013, try winning one so you can have one of your own! There are two ways for you to win a large Roxanne bean bags worth RM490 from DOOF:

1. Instagram your favourite moment at #ChurpOut2013.

2. Upload a photo of yourself chilling with the #Doof bean bag at #ChurpOut2013 on Instagram.

Be sure to tag @Churp2 and include the hashtag #ChurpOut2013 and #Doof in your Instagram submission. Giveaway ends on 31st October 2013 (Thursday) and only TWO DOOF bean bag up for grabs, so hurry and upload your pictures now!

Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners and vendors for making #ChurpOut2013 extremely successful! Everything that happened at #ChurpOut2013 was all thanks to:

Mamee Chef
Mister Potato
Mamee Monster
SP Setia
i Darts

And special thanks to all our performers and vendors for making this event possible:
Kenji Chai
Gilbert Ng
Cheer Aces
Cordão de Ouro Capoeira Malaysia
Sunshine Band Ukulele
William Sin

SF by Sazzy Falak
Hanis Zalikha
Audrey a.k.a Fourfeetnine
Ringo a.k.a Cheesie
Brian See
Hui Wen
Sesame Chestnut
Jessica Chaw

Miao & WafuPafu
Bro don’t like that la, bro
Ms Bulat
The Star RAGE Against Bullying
World Vision

Fashion Valet
Tank for Five
Love/Fate Clothing
The Wild Things
Phat Culture
Chap-four fashion
Peep Boutique
Sandra Dee
Lush and Posh
Baba Gajah
My Beauty Diary
Trendy Confessions
Girl’s Story
826 Closet
CurryNoodles Poster
Banana Mustard
Mars & Venus
Darl’s Closet
The Oldees
Lost & Found
Niko Niko Onigiri
Homade Beverage
Tedboy Bakery

Until next time, take care and we’ll see you again real soon at the next #ChurpOut!