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#GSCHorrorFest – The Aftermath

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UPDATE – Congratulations to these TEN winners for winning the #GSCHorrorFest Scarer vs. Squeaker Contest!



The Scarers have won themselves:
1 Pair of GSC Movie Passes
1 Second Sight Cap
1 Churpie Doll Plushie

The Squeakers, on the other hand, have won themselves:
1 Pair GSC Movie Passes
1 Rigor Mortis Umbrella
1 Churpie Doll Plushie.

Hope you all enjoy the awesome GSC movie tickets and exclusive  movie merchandise! Thanks to everyone else who participated in this spooktacular contest!


October is coming to an end, and what else can we say except that it’s been an extremely spooktacular month! What better way to end it than with #GSCHorrorFest, where Churpers scream through three absolutely terrifying movies: Rigor Mortis, Second Sight and Insidious 2.

If you missed out on the scariest event of the year, here’s what happened on the night of 26th October 2013!

There were super enthusiastic crowd queuing up to get their tickets even before the registration counter was opened! Some of our Churpers even came dressed according to the theme and boy, did they scare the living daylights out of the public.

Every attendee received a goodie bag , courtesy from GSC. Each goody bag consisted of a mystery box(some boxes came with spiders, a bloody finger, bats, eyeball, etc), a scary gift and vouchers for popcorn and mineral water, as well as a pack of customized #GSCHorrorFest Sticky Candy (sponsored by Sticky Candy).

After collecting their movie tickets and awesome goodie bags, Churpers were ushered into the foyer where all the scariness really began! GSC staffs with their face gruesomely painted, greeted all Churpers at the entrance to the foyer. Terrifying character appearances were there to add to the atmosphere, and there was also a buffet line fit for the undead which included eyeballs (chicken meatballs), severed fingers (chicken sausages) and bloody intestines (tomato based noodles), amongst other terrifying delicacies. To add to the festivities, there was also an airbrush tattoo station for Churpers to get temporary tattoos and a horror face painting station for those Churpers who didn’t come dressed so that they could blend in with the gruesome surroundings.

A best dressed competition was held before the first screening to reward our enthusiastic Churpers! Our emcees were glad to present a pair of GSC vouchers to the winners. Can you guess who some of these cosplayers are portraying?

Half an hour breaks were allocated in between movies, which was vital for Churpers to calm down and gear up for the next movie! During the breaks, trivia games were hosted by our emcees where exclusive GSC complimentary passes were up for grabs. THE CROWDS WENT WILD!

We took ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the “victims” following the spine-chilling experience at #GSCHorrorFest.



It seems like the horror movies gave an adrenaline rush to our Churpers, because everyone looked really lively after the last movie. Who says horror movies are bad? =D

For all you brave souls who made it to #GSCHorrorFest and survived the night, we have something in store for you!  In case you missed out on what our Emcees were saying at #GSCHorrorFest, we have an ongoing competition whereby you can win exclusive movie merchandise, as well as complimentary movie passes and a Churpie doll. That’s right! We have these amazing prizes up for grabs:

5 x 1 Pair of Complimentary Movie Passes + 1 Second Sight Cap + 1 Churpie Doll


5 x 1 Pair of Complimentary Movie Passes + 1 Rigor Mortis Umbrella + 1 Churpie Doll

The Contest

It’s an Instagram contest called The Scarer vs. The Squeaker.

Are you one to scare people, or are you the one who gets scared? If you are the person who enjoys scaring people and instilling fear into others, then you are the Scarer! Scarers will have to post a picture of their scariest expression while facing the right.



And if you are the one who always gets scared, you’re the Squeaker! So, post a picture of your scared expression while facing the left.


Remember to include the hashtags #GSCHorrorFest and tag @Churp2 in your Instagram post so that we can see your entries.

Don’t forget! The Scarer faces the right while The Squeaker faces the Left.


For all you Churpers who missed out on #GSCHorrorFest, don’t be sad! GSC Cinemas has prepared something for you too! From the 26th of October to the 10th of November 2013, the first 50 people daily to buy a pair of tickets for any of the following movies, “Rigor Mortis, Second Sight, and Carrie” will receive their very own GSC Spook-tober Surprise Box!

We would like to thank GSC Cinemas and our lovely Churpers once again for spending a horrifyingly exciting Saturday evening with us, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! =)