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2013 in 12 AWESOME Months!

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Hello Churpers,

It’s that time of the year again to reflect and reminisce the good times of 2013. We think it has been one REMARKABLE year growing with you!

No amount of contests, Churpremieres, events, could ever be made possible without your never-ending support.  Thank you for making 2013 a success for ChurpChurp!

Let’s kick start this re-cap with a walk down memory lane, featuring the highlights of ChurpChurp Malaysia in 2013.

1. What other way is there to start the year 2013 than with the super viral Harlem Shake? That’s right, Churpies and Nuffies alike all joined in the craze and danced up a storm!

2. #CNYChurpOut was our very first CNY gathering held at Vault Wine Bistro. Remember our most epic lousang ever with over 70 of you guys? Good times!

3. In March, we heard, we listened and so we released the all new ChurpChurp iOS app live on the App Store to make it easier for our Churpers to share their awesome ChurpChurp campaigns and stories on-the-go!

4. You have seen our fun and crazy side, but have you seen our cute side yet? We uploaded another viral video on April and this time it’s the Churpie version of Gwiyomi!

5. ChurpChurp introduced a new feature called Snapshare where by Churpers were rewarded for their photos on Instagram! Our first ever Snapshare campaign was for GUINNESS #MadeofMore and a total of RM5,000 were rewarded to the community!

6. Pew Pew Pew. What are those sounds we’re hearing? It must be from the #ChurpPewPew event we had at the end of May where 60 Churpers got a chance to become Galactic Laser superheroes for a bit!

7. We celebrated Hari Raya in style this year with #ChurpOutBukaPuasa at Bijan Restaurant where 80 Churpers were treated to a night of food, entertainment and games!

8. If you’ve been with ChurpChurp these couple of months then you must have heard or at least read about Churp Live & Loud! We introduced our very first Churp L&L campaign in August with Astro in conjuction with Merdeka where 30 Churpers had fun playing games, making new friends, and most importantly, getting rewarded with RM100 for their live updates!

9. #TheNewChurp2 was released to the public in September and everyone got to experience the all-new exciting ChurpChurp.com! To commemorate this event, we gave out 70 Churpie plushies to our Churpers who told us what their favourite feature was!

10. And how can we even forget about the most awesome event of the year, #ChurpOut2013? With over 4,000 participants, 2,000 Instagram photos, 2,500 tweets (trended on Twitter) and an event that went from 11.00AM till 11.00PM, it was definitely our BIGGEST #ChurpOut yet!

11. In honour of Halloween, we collaborated with Golden Screen Cinemas to bring you the eeriest event of the year: #GSCHorrorFest. For 7 hours, 300 brave Churpers braced themselves for 3 spooktacular movies in a row!

12. And, we ended the year with three sessions of #ChurpChristmas Tour to show off our Memeland inspired Christmas Deco in the Orange office as well as to provide our Churpers an insight of our awesome lives here in ChurpChurp!

So that wraps up our 2013 for ChurpChurp Malaysia! We hope you enjoyed every moment of it as much as we did! All we have to say is … 2014 is going to be so much better and we can’t wait to share our plans for it with you!

With lots of love,
The ChurpChurp Team