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#Churpremiere – Sabotage

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“Leave no loose ends.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, this time with an action thriller that will surely leave you at the edge of your seat as he takes down vicious drug cartels with his team. But, there’s  a twist! What happens when a large sum of money goes missing — who’s to blame?

Join us in this heart-stopping #Churpremiere of Sabotage!

Sypnosis: Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this action thriller as the head of an elite DEA task force assigned to take on some of the most vicious drug cartels in the world. 

The group raids a cartel safe house with seemingly successful results, but then the agents begin to mysteriously die off, one-by-one – and seemingly anyone could be responsible.

As the body count rises, everyone is a suspect.

Interested? Well, check the trailer out:

Thanks to NEF, ChurpChurp is giving away 35 pairs of passes for you to catch the #Churpremiere of Sabotage! Details of the #Churpremiere are as below:

#Churpremiere – Sabotage
Date: 2nd April 2014, Wednesday
Time: 9.30PM
Venue: Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve 

[This screening has ended. Thank you for your participation!]