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What Goes Down in ChurpChurp Town

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Hey Churpers, ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of ChurpChurp? Well, here’s 3 things you didn’t know about people working in ChurpChurp:

1.  We are always ready to spice up your life

2. We’re constantly on the lookout for fun

3. We’re one BIG CRAZY family

So think you’ll fit right in with us? Then what are you waiting for? Come join us as we’re looking for young quirky peeps to join us as:

Community Executive

If meeting new people, planning events and constantly reaching for the phone to check on the latest updates on social media, this is the perfect job for you! Community Executives are the faces of ChurpChurp that spend a lot of their time planning community event and liasing with Churpers!

 Talent Executive

The Talent Executives in our company manages the top local celebrities and influences on all social media platforms. If interacting with celebrities and attending social functions with them is your niche, then this the job for you!

Accounts Executive

Sitting in front of the computer for long hours, not your thing? Join our Nomsters (what they are usually referred to as)! They are at the frontline of ChurpChurp, often spending their days out and about, meeting potential clients and pitching exciting ideas for social media campaigns to them. If you deem yourself to be one tough cookie, then you’re definitely Nomster material!

 Associate Director (Trainee)

You’ll be placed in a management programme in which you will be rotating within the departments every 6 months, learning more about how the company works. Psst, you will also be working closely with our co-founder himself!

Any of these positions scream your name? Hurry and head over to http://netccentric.com/career/ for more details about us or submit your resume to mycareer@netccentric.com now! Because the fun and excitement is only a click away! =)