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#Churpremiere – The Maze Runner

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“Get ready to run”

What will you do if you wake up in a foreign place without remembering anything but your name? And the only way out is almost impossible to find. Embark on a quest with Thomas and Teresa as they try to solve the riddles of the maze!

Churpers, are you ready to run at the #Churpremiere of The Maze Runner on 7th September 2014? Then, read on to find out how to be the first few to catch this awesome movie.


Thomas wakes up in a lift, moving slowly upward. As the box grinds to a halt and the doors open, he s finds himself among a colony of boys who welcome him to the Glade – a large open expanse surrounded by enormous concrete walls.

Thomas’ mind is blank. He has no knowledge of where he is, doesn’t know where he came from, and he can’t remember his parents, his past, or even his own name.

Thomas and his fellow “Gladers” don’t know how or why they got to the Glade.  They only know that each morning, giant concrete doors that lead to the Maze open.  Every night at sunset they close.

And every thirty days, a new boy arrives in the lift.  The predictable behavior of the Maze made Thomas’ arrival expected. What’s not expected is having the box appear again, less than a week later, carrying Teresa, the first girl to arrive in the Glade.

Thomas learns that each resident of the Glade has a role to play, from gardening to construction to being one of the elite runners who map the walls of the Maze that keep them captive and change configurations every night.

Maze Runners race the clock to cover as much ground as possible before the end of the day when the Maze locks down and the deadly biomechanical Grievers roam the corridors of the concrete structure. 

Even as a newcomer or “greenie,” Thomas feels an unsettling familiarity about the Glade and the Maze.  There is something locked away in his memories that might, in fact, be the key to solving the mysteries of the Maze and possibly the world beyond.

Thanks to 20th Century Fox, ChurpChurp is giving away 45 pairs of exclusive tickets for you to watch The Maze Runner on the big screen! Details of the #Churpremiere are as below:

#Churpremiere – The Maze Runner

Date: 7th September 2014 (Sunday)

Time: 10.30AM

Venue: GSC Berjaya Times Square 


To win a pair of passes to exclusive advance #Churpremiere screening of The Maze Runner, here’s what you have to do:

1.Share The Maze Runner trailer below on your Facebook Timeline (make sure it is set to ‘Public’).

2. Next, answer the question below:

“Based on your current surroundings, use 3 items to survive a night in the maze”

3. You must tag @ 20th Century Fox Malaysia and @ChurpChurp and don’t forget to include the hashtag#EscapeRoom #MazeRunnerMY #GSCCinemas and #GSCBerjayaTimesSquare.

For Example:      

Finally, remember to fill in the form below to submit your entry! You may submit as many unique entries as you like.

#Churpremiere - The Maze Runner

“Get ready to run”
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To copy the permalinks, kindly hover over the ‘time posted’ of your Facebook comment and right click to copy them.

The 45 Churpers with the most creative Facebook comment will each win a pair of passes (2 passes) to this exclusive #Churpremiere screening.

Hold on, there’s more! On top of winning a pair of passes to the #Churpremiere, you will also stand a chance to be invited to an A-MAZE-ZING ESCAPE event happening right after the movie screening where you might just actually have to apply your surviving skills!

Date: 7th September 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 1.00PM – 3.00PM
Venue: Escape Room Berjaya Times Square

So hurry and send in your most creative answers! The Top 6 with the most mind blowing answers will be chosen to participate in the A-Maze-Ing Escape Challenge. Also, the Top 6 will be walking away with some exclusive, limited-edition premiums!


6xThe Maze Runner Outdoor Tent

6xThe Maze Runner Distressed T-Shirt

6xThe Maze Runner Notebook

6xThe Maze Runner Money Maze

6xThe Maze Runner Poster


6xThe Maze Runner USB

6xThe Maze Runner Block Game

6xThe Maze Runner Notebook

6xThe Maze Runner Money Maze

6xThe Maze Runner Poster

[ Thank you all Churpers for participating, we have chosen our winners! =) ]