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Every year, Malaysia experiences flooding on the East coast due to the annual northeast monsoon. However, over the past few weeks, states such as Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang have been hit by non-stop downpour leaving the entire East coast a muddy sea. From severe flash flooding to terrible landslides, this is one of the worst flooding we have seen in decades. This has forced over 200,000 people to evacuate from their homes with a shortage of food and water supplies.


Source: The Malay Mail Online


Source: The Star Online


Source: The Star Online


Source: The Star Online

In bad times such as this, let’s all lend a helping hand and share our thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Malaysian floods. We hope all of you Churpers can aid those in need by donating to MERCY Malaysia flood relief fund!


Churpers! MERCY Malaysia is currently conducting a donation drive to raise funds for the flood victims. The donation fund will be used to save the lives of those who are in need. You could lend a helping hand by visiting MERCY Malaysia’s Facebook page to find out more details on how you can donate and contribute in the effort to help the flood victims.

That said, there are also other charities that you can engage in this time of urgency where monetary and non-monetary donations are accepted. You can do so at: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/284682!

Every donation counts, no matter what the amount to help the people in Malaysia who are affected by this calamity. We at ChurpChurp would like to thank you for every effort in helping our fellow Malaysians.