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Weekends, Weekends, Weekends!

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Happy Friday Churpers,


How do you spend your weekends?


Let’s reflect on what you may do or can do.

1) Lay on bed all day long



After long hours of work, you definitely want to spend your weekends waking up late in the morning.

Chill with friend perhaps? Go out for a movie? Go out for drinks? Go out for dates?


Are you the lazy type or are you the outgoing crazy type?


2) Go out for breakfast:



Hunting for good breakfast is good because you will have an activity, try out pancakes or new breakfast cafés. Sometimes, waking up in the morning for breakfast will make you feel fresh again. Think about it!

If you’re lazy to go out for breakfast then you could go out for lunch. A wise thing to do! You need to have work life balance so that you won’t be all cramped out thinking about work.


3) Go out for lunch & Shopping:




Remember to set out a lunch date with your friend; a good company will always make your day. Spending time with that bestie of yours and catching up will do well for you emotionally and physically. Another way, of releasing stress is to go shopping so save up Churpers! At least keep aside some money so that you may indulge in your shopping sphere.


4) In the evening




Well, sometimes after going out with friends, you get caught up having fun and won’t realise that the time flies by so much so that you barely can catch a glimpse of day or dawn. It’s good to plan outings, go to the beach perhaps! Get these friends together and spend that delightful time with them and have awesome get-together!

Note: *Remember to find time and spend time with other friends. If you’re a loner perhaps, you like to spend time at home watching tele, or why not go to a café and surf the net?


5) Look for dates:




If you’re not dating, then it is time to start “Project Hitch”. It’s a terrific way to pump up your love meter, everyone needs some love in their life, It is food for the soul so to speak. An evening stroll in the park and dinner dates will definitely make you happier person so what are you waiting for?


 6) Night Ends: Party, Bar or Movies?





Some of us like to party, some of us like to watch movies, and there are some of us who just like to chill and drink on weekends.

If that work is piling up, why don’t you sit chill in a café of your liking and take it through slowly?, I bet that refreshing cup of coffee will give you an energy boost and that’s not all, you’d have that quiet time alone to think it through. I’m very sure everybody needs that loner time to figure themselves out.

Note: *Work out people, WORK OUT! You have no idea what 2 hours of working out can do to your body, mind and soul. It’s a superb way to de-stress in this ever busy and hectic life. Try walking on that thread mill, run with your dog or perhaps join a marathon! This will make your day a super duper happy day, and not to mention you get leaner and sexier by the day! yeah baby!

You could do these activities on Saturdays and spend time alone on Sundays. Don’t forget to plan a getaway trip too. Perhaps, we will go into this chapter in a different blogpost. Until then Churpers;


Have A Good Weekends Churpers!!