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Social sharing, the CHURPIE way!

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Hey there, Churpers!

Today we give you yet another reason why being active in the Churp Churp community is great for you!

As part of the Churp Churp family, you definitely would have known about all those awesome freebies and movie giveaways we exclusively bring you all time, everytime. We, at CHURP CHURP take great pleasure that you are able to brag to everyone about watching your favourite movies days ahead of its official releases. Besides, it is also a known fact that the Churp Churp community often gets you rewards and incentives along the way for sharing the latest events and promotions with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and more.


Here’s one of our winner for Churpremiere #Pixels giveaway

These were the existing awesome services that were given by Churp Churp the whole time, but today we show you how our ‘social share’ service has enabled Churpers to get rewarded for sharing brand messages as part of Churp Churp community!



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Churp Churp has become home for thousands of Churpers and what makes it special is that you are able to browse all sorts of cool stuffs like articles, videos, images and more! Everything that Churpers want to share with the community will be here for us to enjoy!




Sharing and earning, made social!

The ‘social share’ feature is also another unique feature of the Churp Churp community, where not only that you share something that interests you, but you actually earn some income by sharing! Remember all those moments when your parents scolded you for wasting time on social media, well.. Here’s Churp Churp giving you a comeback line! You can actually earn money by sharing things on social media. How cool is that?

So, there you have it Churpers! As simple as it gets, all that you gotta do is be active on Churp Churp, get your friends and family to join in the fun as well, and start sharing and earning away!