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ChurpChurp Youtubers!

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Greeting Churpers,

Let’s start off this week with an interesting fun fact for you:

Did you know that being famous and popular on YouTube makes you a professional ‘YouTuber’ and you could add this in your resumes/CVs as part of your career profiles?

Yes. You heard that right! Just like how you would call yourself an engineer, architect, lawyer and so on; being successful and famous on YouTube enables you to include ‘YouTuber’ as part of your career portfolio.

Well, that just shows how YouTube has become such an important part of our lives. Truth be told, some of us can literally sit hours on YouTube watching funny prank videos, comedy skits and music video parodies.

Chapter 1:

That being said,

Did you know that our ChurpChurp family has some of the finest YouTubers who are famous for hilariously funny yet thought-provoking videos on YouTube?

This month, stay Churped on to our blog as we bring you our very first #CCYoutubers series!

The #CCYoutubers series is a three-part feature write-up about our very own ChurpChurp Youtubers! Get inspired, entertained and excited as we bring you closer to the lives of our #CCYoutubers featuring:


Dan Khoo – Dan Khoo Productions https://www.youtube.com/user/DanKhooProductions

Dan Khoo is considered one of the first few producers who pioneered the Malaysian YouTube scene. With the number of subscribers breaching well past the 6-figure mark, Dan is recognized for his down-to-earth and localized comedy skits that are relatable to the Malaysian and Singaporean’s way of living. He has his unique style in coming up with creative ideas for short clips and his videos are all funnily relatable to the youth. #CCYoutubers

There’s a reason why he’s a master of his craft, so check him out!

Here’s one of our favourites from Dan Khoo:

Can I Join Your Gang?



Do remember to catch the next Blogpost to see who’s the next featured #CCYoutubers