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The Next Best Thing! Dayre!

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Have you heard of Dayre?

How does Dayre relate to ChurpChurp?

Dayre is also part of the Netccentric family tree and founded by CEO – Cheo Ming Shen.

If you haven’t heard of Dayre yet, then you are missing out!



What is Dayre?

Dayre is a mobile blogging application that allows users to blog and interact with their readers on the move! The concept for Dayre was inspired by the mobile and social media trends.

This solves your problems when Instagram doesn’t allow for the full context of a picture while blogging is too time consuming!

Dayre allows you to write and share your stories through small easy steps, ultimately crafting your actions to form a day in your life.


Where is Dayre?

Since its launch in 2013, it has gained a strong foothold within the blogging community for its convenience and interactivity, garnering more than 380,000 downloads with its biggest presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, expanding all the way to America. It is available on Android, iOS and Web!

So if you love blogging, sharing photos and snippets of your day, then this is the app for you!


Why should I use Dayre?

Let’s look at the prospect of this app.


You could blog on the Go!

Being a micro-blogging platform; it cuts down your time spent sitting in front of the computer to type an article. You can whip out your phone anywhere and everywhere.



Perhaps share your cooking recipe?

The touch of Dayre makes your blogging days easier because you will be able to blog spontaneously.

This platform mimicks the functionality of other social media platforms and is also sharable via a URL on all platforms!

Many of our Nuffnang talents and Churp Churp talents are already on Dayre and so are we!


Here’s one with us at KLFW 2015



Here’s one with Freeze having fun at his photo-shoot too.

So Chupers, what are you waiting for? To know more about what we’re up to, download Dayre now!

You can find Dayre on the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) and sign up for an account.

Don’t forget to also follow us on Dayre @churpmy to get live updates on our recent happenings with our Alphas!

Till we meet again on our next blogpost.

Have a great week!