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Golden Rules for Your Skin

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Hey Churpers!

Do you realize that most of us have a skincare routine that we stick to out of habit it’s all about a repetition of steps you have to do day in and day out?


Some habits are essential in order to care for your skin and have a radiant complexion all year long. However, some people tend to make mistakes in between because they actually do not realize those actions can damage their own skin.

Whatever your skin type, here are some golden rules for your skin!

Falling Into Bed with Your Make-up On


No matter how exhausted you are from a long day at work or if you have just attended the best party ever, never ever fall asleep with a full face on. Make up has the power to make one feel fabulous, but going to bed with it on will only cause regret the day after. It clogs up the pores and is especially worse for acne skin. Instead, if the whole 10 step regimen is too much come 2 am, cleanse your face with a towellette such as Simple’s cleansing wipes.

Not Cleansing Properly


You may be diligent in makeup removal, but ask yourself this question:

“Are you using the right cleanser to put your skin in optimal condition for overnight renewal?”

Look for a cleanser that contains the right ingredients. Things like antioxidants for protection, salicylic acid to help clear your pores, and witch hazel, which acts as a natural astringent.

Not Washing Your Sheets & Pillowcases Frequently Enough


Don’t be surprise Churpers as pillowcases accumulate a build-up of reside from things like conditioner and scalp oil that can clog your pores on your face over time. NEVER EVER keep your pillowcase for a month or more. You should change your pillow case at least once a week or more if you are more acne-prone.

Not Getting Enough Sleep


Most of people nowadays do not realize that getting a good night’s sleep helps your skin to look its best. When your skin does not get the optimum rest, it becomes dull and you’ll have under-eye circle just like a PANDA (Panda is cute but for you to have a pair panda’s eyes, it’s not cute at all lol).

Not Wearing Sunscreen Every Day


Don’t get confuse dear Churpers as sunscreen it’s not just for the beach. Instead, the best protection against skin aging is a good sunscreen defense. Your skin can be harmed by constant sun exposure, whether or not you see a burn. Sunburn is an immediate reaction, but damage from the sun occurs over a lifetime. You will regret not having worn sunscreen when you look at your skin compared to friends and family who have worn daily sunscreen 20 years from now.

But that’s not all Churpers! Let’s hear 5 tips from our top Alphas on their daily skincare routines:

Venice Min


1. “I make up pretty much every day plus sometimes during work, I have to have really thick make up on me. Removing it cleanly is really important for me. So I actually spend a long time to remove my make-up and clean it at least twice to three times with normal make up remover then oil base make up remover and pre cleanse then cleansing milk”.

2. “Next, because of my eczema and sensitive skin, I drink lots of water a day apart from fruit juice. I don’t drink juice everyday but whenever I can like for example during lunch or something. I will try my best to order something healthy like apple juice or dragon fruit or even better, tomato or mixture of different green veggies juice”.


3. “I also started eating lots of supplements to enhance n boost up my immune system 🙂 for example like vitamin c, folic acid and like algae because I have very very bad blood system due to my genes so I believe that if u take care of because inner body, u will also help your outer beauty.”

4. “Due to the hot sunny weather, I always make sure that I do face mask at least twice a week to hydrate my skin 🙂 Apart from applying lotion and sometimes my medicine due to my eczema. So it’s like double work for me because of my eczema and my sensitive skin.”

5. “Lastly, hmmm…. Because I’m growing? Hence, I have lots of stress due to my workload n I travel very often. I’m most likely to have acne on my skin like very easily. Even now actually. Lol… So for me, I think it’s best to do facial at least twice a month. I do 2-3 times a month. And it does make a difference compared to last time when I only did once a month. Then apart from that, choose your right beautician and right product. Do plenty of research before consuming it. Not just listen to your friends. On top of that, I apply pimple cream on my acne too before sleep”.

All her tips are worth trying Churpers as Venice can always pull the no make-up look as she has the flawless skin ever 🙂


Credit to: Venice Min

Chelsia Ng


1. “Drink a lot of water throughout the day”.

2. “Have good uninterrupted sleep”.

3. “I love essential oils, especially the good pure therapeutic grade kind”.


4. “Double cleansing”.

5. “Mask at least twice a week”.

And see the result peeps!


Always looking beautiful with a wonderful and amazing skin complexion!

Credits to: Jimmy Ang and Chelsia Ng

These tips may sound like it is mainly targeted for women, but trust, guys, you should be taking some pointers from it as well. Good skin instantly makes you look well-kept and polished, and at the end of the day, you only have one face. So be sure to take care of it! 🙂

Till next time Churpers, have an amazing week ahead! 🙂



[#ChurpmyWIN] Churpremiere of The Walk

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Will Philippe Petit, a tightrope walker achieve his dream walking through a connected wire between the World Trade Center towers?

Keep your feet on the ground Churpers as ChurpChurp and Sony Pictures Malaysia are ready to bring you a true story and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Catch it before its official release at the #Churpremiere of #TheWalkMovie this 21st October 2015.

BVCT0356 The Walk KeyArt-LR_(Quad)_3D


Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in TriStar Pictures' THE WALK.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the film is a true story based on Philippe Petit’s book “To Reach the Clouds,” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the young dreamer who dared the impossible: an illegal wire walk between the World Trade Center towers. Twelve people have walked on the moon, but only one man has ever, or will ever, walk in the immense void between the World Trade Center towers.

Papa Rudy (Sir Ben Kingsley, right) teaches Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) how to use a cable tensioner in TriStar Pictures' THE WALK.

Guided by his real-life mentor, Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley), and aided by an unlikely band of international recruits, Petit and his gang overcome long odds, betrayals, dissension and countless close calls to conceive and execute their mad plan.

Philippe Petite (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in TriStar Pictures' THE WALK.

Thanks to So Robert Zemeckis, the director of such marvels as Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Back to the Future, Polar Express and Flight, again uses cutting edge technology in the service of an emotional, character-driven story.

Philippe Petite (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in TriStar Pictures' THE WALK.

With innovative photorealistic techniques and IMAX 3D wizardry, The Walk is true big-screen cinema, a chance for moviegoers to viscerally experience the feeling of reaching the clouds.

Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Annie (Charolette Le Bon) in TriStar Pictures' THE WALK.

The film is a love letter to Paris and New York City in the 1970s, but most of all, to the Towers of the World Trade Center.

If you’re afraid of heights, be warned as its surreal Churpers!

Thanks to Sony Pictures Malaysia, ChurpChurp will be giving away 24 pairs of exclusive passes!

The details are as follows:

Date: 21st October 2015 (Wednesday)

Time: 8.45PM

Venue: GSC, One Utama

Here’s how you win them:

  1. Download Dayre from App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android) and sign up for an account.
  2. Follow @Churpmyon Dayre.
  3. Answer the question below:

What kind of risk will you take to make your dream come true? (Answer in no more than 50 words)

  1. Publish your answer on your Dayre. Don’t forget to tag us @Churpmy, thank Sony Pictures Malaysia followed by the hashtags #Churpremiere and #TheWalkMovie
  2. Remember to include your Dayre contest entry URL in the comment section below

Finally, remember to fill in the form below to submit your entry! You may submit as many unique entries as you like.

Contest closes 16th October, 2015, 12PM.

#Churpremiere - The Walk

That is not all.

Write us a review and stand a chance to win a pair of VIP Passes to our next #Churpremiere of your choice. Tweet us @ChurpMY and/or link us your blog post together with the hashtag #TheWalkMovie, provided if you have a blog.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

  1. This contest is open to all Churpers only.
  2. Please make sure to provide the day Dayre URL, not just your profile URL.
  3. Screening tickets/passes are NOT to be given away as prizes.
  4. RSVP is a must when you’ve received our invitation. Failure to do so will result in invites being passed on those in the waiting list.
  5. Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice. 


Featured Alpha of the month: Atilia Haron

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Holla Churpers!

Last 15th September, she turned 41 but her body age is only 22 (she did a legit test).


That’s Atilia Haron, our featured Alpha of the month! 🙂



Atilia Haron, a contemporary singer and songwriter, produces soulful and contemplative music which deals with universal themes of life and love to which anyone can relate. Atilia has already involved in the music industry from a young age.

Coming from a background with rich musical heritage, her talent was recognized when she was selected as the lead singer for a regional Coca-Cola commercial representing Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore in Liverpool, England when was only 12 years old.


Being the daughter Salamiah Hassan, one of the most renowned jazz and evergreen singers in the country, her mother is definitely her role model when growing up in the industry.

Being in the industry will always be a tough one but her mother has been very supportive and open with the opportunities as she brought Atilia’s with a balanced view of being an artist as this career will not always be glamour but in fact, it requires a lot of hard work and one has to be able to deal with the uncertainties in terms of career growth and future.


As she grows in the industry, she has trouble in holding her notes and even panting heavily during stage performances back then. Ever since that, Atilia realized that she really needs to start taking her health seriously and maybe do some exercises.

So, she decided to do YOGA! Yoga is basically a physical, mental and spiritual practice, which aids in shifting gears of the body and the mind into a positive direction. It all started about a year ago, when she received her cortication from Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui, where she was trained for 200 hours under the Konstantin Miachin. It was indeed not an easy task, especially when she did it during bulan puasa! Can you believe it?

   Screenshot_3  Screenshot_4

Fun Fact: Have you Churpers heard about the CLPTs?

The CLPTs was being initiated by Atilia Haron, when all of her closest friends will come together, and at times will practice Yoga together. They not only practice Yoga, they practice very healthy lifestyle. Dying to know who are the rest of the CLPTs? Well…….. *hint to the hint* They are also our Churp Alphas! :p

Here is the CLPTs Family! Atilia Haron, Aishah Sinclair, Daphne Iking, Dynas Mokhtar, Ning Baizura, Serena C, Sazzy Falak and Yasmin Hani. Go go go, quickly follow them on their Instagram if you want to know more! Here’s a picture pf the CLPTs 🙂


Now that you know more on the CLPTs, do allow us to furnish you with Atilia’s Yoga background. Did you know that Atilia has recently upped her Yoga game by becoming a yoga teacher? Well yes, you did not hear it wrongly; Atilia is indeed a registered Yoga teacher!



Don’t be deceived by Atilia’s size, small size fun size! But she doesn’t do diet at all! She eats 8 times a day, and she definitely loves her meat!


All Photo Credits: AtiliaHaron

What are you waiting Churpers? Do follow Atilia on her Instagram here to keep up with her healthy living lifestyle, and to get more on her Yoga advices and tips! Oh! Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Shape Malaysia, October 2015 issue as Atilia Haron is featured on it!

AH 2

‘Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, of the self’ – The Bhagavad Gita

Till next time, Churpers!


[#ChurpMYWIN] How Much Do You Believe In Your #Selfie?

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Good Day Churper, Happy Mid-week!

First of all, we would like to thank you for your participation in the Sony Mobile #BeSelfieConfident contest! We loved all the entries, but unfortunately, there will only be 20 winners.

Here are the winners for the Sony Mobile #BeSelfieConfident contest that caught our attention, congratulations! 🙂

Grand Prize – Xperia C5 Ultra Dual worth RM 1,399

  • @KiwiKeow
  • @Charleneraynasebastian
  • @Kimsuen
  • @williammas2020

2nd Prize – Xperia M2 worth RM799

  • @kimyoon0621
  • @Jingjingbeh
  • @aboy_yan
  • @roz_owen20
  • @mondaychinn
  • @syafiera_yamin

Consolation – Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker SRS-BTV5 worth RM299

  • @benq0516
  • @droppuru
  • @majoritywayne
  • @pakjamal87
  • @cindydiep1410
  • @rawlins_glam
  • @daniel8198
  • @21dharan91
  • @qianqian818
  • @zura_kusanagi

In order for you to redeem your prize, remember to fill in the form below to confirm the collection for your prize! Email will be sent out by 26th November 2015 (Thursday).

ChurpmyWIN - Sony Mobile #BeSelfieConfident Contest Winner Confirmation

Please fill in the details required, the deadline is on the 11th December 2015 (Friday), at 12pm.

Terms and conditions:
1) This contest is open to new and existing ChurpChurp users in Malaysia.

2) To redeem your prize, you are required to have a ChurpChurp account. For those who do not have a ChurpChurp Account yet, kindly do register here: my.churpchurp.com.

3) The winners above are required to fill in the form provided, in order to confirm your prize, the form must be submitted by 26th November 2015 (Thursday), by 12pm. If you fail to confirm your email by the deadline, your participation will be forfeited, and any collection of prize will not be valid.

4) Collection of the prizes will be open for 2 weeks, from 27th November 2015 (Friday) to 11th December 2015 (Friday)Those who fail to collect their prizes by 11th December 2015, at 3pm, your participation will be forfeited, and any collection of prize will not be valid.

5) ChurpChurp reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


Hey Churpers, are you fed up with the front camera of your existing phone when it comes to selfie? Thinking of changing to a new one but you are not sure which model and how? Well, here’s great news for you because Sony Mobile is giving away the brand new Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual, the PROSelfie Smartphone!

We can’t deny that we love free stuff. Especially when it comes to something we really want; like the latest available-in-the-market smartphone from Sony!

But before that, we want to know what is the most confident and craziest thing that you would do for a Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual the PROSelfie Smartphone.

All you need to do is snap and share your photo with #BeSelfieConfident and #SonyMobileMY!

DY 1

Credit to: Dennis Yin

How confident can a guy be to be posting with a bouquet of flower? Do you think you can do better than him? #BeSelfieConfident #SonyMobileMY


Or maybe even this? A guy who can embrace himself and put on a lipstick, we don’t think it is easy unless you are confident with yourself! #BeSelfieConfident #SonyMobileMY

Do check out Dennis Yin’s photos here!

Freeze 1

Credit to: Freezeforshort

How about playing crazy do ups? #BeSelfieConfident #SonyMobileMY

Freeze is known for his various selfie expressions, be it crazy, silly or creative! You can look for more inspiration from our Alpha’s Instagram here!

So Churpers, if you are confident enough to do something like these, then you SHOULD definitely participate in the #BeSelfieConfident Sony Xperia Contest, where Sony Mobile is giving away up to TWENTY (20) awesome Sony Prizes! #SonyMobileMY

Let’s check out how you are going to score yourself a brand new phone and some other prizes by believing in your #selfie:


10 Winners (Duration: 1st October 2015 – 15th October 2015) 2 weeks

  • 2 x Grand Prize Winner: Xperia C5 Ultra Dual worth RM 1,399
  • 3 x 2nd Prize Winners: Xperia M2 worth RM799
  • 5 x Consolation Winners: Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker SRS-BTV5 worth RM299.

10 Winners (Duration: 15th October – 29th October 2015) 2 weeks

  • 2 x Grand Prize Winner: Xperia C5 Ultra Dual worth RM 1,399
  • 3 x 2nd Prize Winners: Xperia M2 worth RM799
  • 5 x Consolation Winners: Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker SRS-BTV5 worth RM299.


2 x  Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual worth RM1,399

SN 1

3 x 2nd Prize Winners: Xperia M2 worth RM799

SN 2

5 x Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker SRS-BTV5 worth RM299

SN 3

Here’s how you can take part:

  1. Take a snapshot of the most confident and craziest selfie that you would do for a Sony Xperia c5 Ultra Dual, the PROSelfie Smartphone.
  2. Post it on Instagram sync to Facebook (make sure both your Instagram & Facebook are set to ‘Public’)
  3. You MUST tag@SonyMobileMY and include the hashtag#BeSelfieConfident, #SonyMobileMY & #ChurpMYWIN in your Instagram Caption.

**NOTE: If you have been chosen as a winner and if you are also following Sony’s Instagram page here, you will WIN yourself an additional prize!**

  1. Finally, remember to fill in the form below to submit your entry! You may submit as many unique entries as you like.

[ChurpmyWIN] - Sony Mobile Contest Giveaway

Please fill in all fields in this form to be eligible for the contest.
- Sony Mobile Contest Giveaway]

To copy the permalinks, kindly hover over your web Instagram of the selfie photo you have uploaded and right click to copy them, then paste it into the form that requires the ‘Instagram URL Link’.

The Top 20 Churpers with the most creative, confident and crazy photos will each win one of these amazing smartphones! If you did not win, do not frown, cause there are also consolation prize of Sony Bluetooth Speakers to win! So what are you waiting for? Get those thinking or crazy caps on and snap away!



1) This contest is open to new and existing ChurpChurp users in Malaysia.

2) To participate, Churpers are required to follow and tag @SonyMobileMY Instagram handle, with the required hashtag of #BeSelfieConfident, #SonyMobileMY & #ChurpMYWIN and fill in the contest form above with the stated conditions. Only complete contest entry forms are accepted and eligible for participation.

3) Protected Instagram profiles with updates that are not traceable by ChurpChurp will not be accepted as participation to the contest.

4) Contest period will run from 1st October 2015 (Thursday) till 29th October 2015 (Thursday), and the contest ends at 12.00PM.

5) Contest winners will be notified via email on 6th November 2015. Contest winners are required to collect their prize at ChurpChurp’s office.

6) Judges’ decisions are final and not disputable.

7) ChurpChurp reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.