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Featured Alpha of the month: Atilia Haron

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Holla Churpers!

Last 15th September, she turned 41 but her body age is only 22 (she did a legit test).


That’s Atilia Haron, our featured Alpha of the month! 🙂



Atilia Haron, a contemporary singer and songwriter, produces soulful and contemplative music which deals with universal themes of life and love to which anyone can relate. Atilia has already involved in the music industry from a young age.

Coming from a background with rich musical heritage, her talent was recognized when she was selected as the lead singer for a regional Coca-Cola commercial representing Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore in Liverpool, England when was only 12 years old.


Being the daughter Salamiah Hassan, one of the most renowned jazz and evergreen singers in the country, her mother is definitely her role model when growing up in the industry.

Being in the industry will always be a tough one but her mother has been very supportive and open with the opportunities as she brought Atilia’s with a balanced view of being an artist as this career will not always be glamour but in fact, it requires a lot of hard work and one has to be able to deal with the uncertainties in terms of career growth and future.


As she grows in the industry, she has trouble in holding her notes and even panting heavily during stage performances back then. Ever since that, Atilia realized that she really needs to start taking her health seriously and maybe do some exercises.

So, she decided to do YOGA! Yoga is basically a physical, mental and spiritual practice, which aids in shifting gears of the body and the mind into a positive direction. It all started about a year ago, when she received her cortication from Vikasa Yoga Retreat, Koh Samui, where she was trained for 200 hours under the Konstantin Miachin. It was indeed not an easy task, especially when she did it during bulan puasa! Can you believe it?

   Screenshot_3  Screenshot_4

Fun Fact: Have you Churpers heard about the CLPTs?

The CLPTs was being initiated by Atilia Haron, when all of her closest friends will come together, and at times will practice Yoga together. They not only practice Yoga, they practice very healthy lifestyle. Dying to know who are the rest of the CLPTs? Well…….. *hint to the hint* They are also our Churp Alphas! :p

Here is the CLPTs Family! Atilia Haron, Aishah Sinclair, Daphne Iking, Dynas Mokhtar, Ning Baizura, Serena C, Sazzy Falak and Yasmin Hani. Go go go, quickly follow them on their Instagram if you want to know more! Here’s a picture pf the CLPTs 🙂


Now that you know more on the CLPTs, do allow us to furnish you with Atilia’s Yoga background. Did you know that Atilia has recently upped her Yoga game by becoming a yoga teacher? Well yes, you did not hear it wrongly; Atilia is indeed a registered Yoga teacher!



Don’t be deceived by Atilia’s size, small size fun size! But she doesn’t do diet at all! She eats 8 times a day, and she definitely loves her meat!


All Photo Credits: AtiliaHaron

What are you waiting Churpers? Do follow Atilia on her Instagram here to keep up with her healthy living lifestyle, and to get more on her Yoga advices and tips! Oh! Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of Shape Malaysia, October 2015 issue as Atilia Haron is featured on it!

AH 2

‘Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, of the self’ – The Bhagavad Gita

Till next time, Churpers!