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Featured Alpha of the Month: Hafreez Amminuddin

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Hey Churpers!


Our featured alpha of the month is someone who is known for his funny personality and quirky fashion style. Can you guess who this special Alpha is??


It is none other than Freezeforshort!


Hafreez Amminuddin or most commonly known as Freezeforshort on all his social media platforms is one of our favourite Alphas. Have you seen his Instagram page? If you have not, we would strongly recommend you to check it out and follow him! 😀


This fashion forward Alpha joined the ChurpChurp family last October 2014. In conjunction with his 1st Anniversary with the ChurpChurp family, we got to ask him few questions on his fashion style as he is always looking fashionable.


Fashion trends these days are adopted and influenced by so many different cultures. It is so hard to keep track of the things that are in and out of fashion but Freeze made it all look good effortlessly. His fashion style is influenced by several factors coming from his surroundings, favourite icons, family and friends. Most importantly, it should complement his appearance.


Just like any other fashionistas, there must be at least someone that they look up to as an icon. As for Freeze, he named International stylist, Margaret Zhang and David Guison as his top International fashion idol. Locally, he adores Kak Zai, Jiman Casablancas and Riduan TTFGA, the photographer. However, that is just to name a few, according to him the list goes on and on.

freeze 5



Some people portray their personality and emotions through their style. They would go all black on days they feel gloomy and wear bright sneakers when they are happy and in need of positive vibes. Unlike Freeze, he finds that style and personality are two different things that shouldn’t be mixed. He can be seen wearing striking neon sneakers but still be grumpy.




Either it’s matching your belt and shoes or coordinating the color to complement the whole look, we would always live by simple fashion rules. However, no fashion rules can restrict Freeze’s style. He is not bounded by any fashion rule which is true. We should always be ourselves in choosing the right style. Freeze is also madly in love with socks! Yes socks! He has a great collection of cute socks that we love.


Freeze is a daredevil in fashion. He is not afraid of trying something new or putting on something bold. He always looks amazing in all of his photos with fun poses. Don’t forget to check him out and follow his Instagram for more photos of him rocking cute socks and crazy fashion. Stay tuned to our blog for more exciting updates!


Photo credits to @freezeforshort.