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#FeatureFriday Alpha of the Month: Jofliam

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Hello Churpers!

We may have been away for some time but today, we are back with a bonus! Guess who joined the Churp Churp family?


This July, we have Jofliam as our featured Alpha of the month! He’s not just a successful business man, an avid traveler but also a loving husband and father.

You may be wondering how he copes between his busy schedule and family, so just scroll down and find out more about Jofliam’s successful career and lifestyle!


Jofliam is one of our newest alpha, husband to Cik Epal, one of our favorite Bloggerati and a father to cutie baby Han. He is the director of Jofletto, an accommodation rental business in Kuala Lumpur and the founder of Forexmudah by Jo, an academy that teaches and exposes the public on the importance to read and analyze Forex market.


He spends his Sunday mornings for his Forexmudah classes but he strongly believes that family comes first and that will forever be his main priority. His wife and son is the biggest comfort, which also keeps him away from his stressful workload.

We had a short Q&A session with Jofliam earlier, read on and get to know him more:

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1.Hi Jof, can you share us your best personality traits?

I’m a very punctual person. I believe that punctuality is one of the crucial factors to decide our position in society, especially in life perspective. I’m good at keeping a balance between personal life and work and of course I’m also a happy go lucky guy!

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2. Working life can take a toll on our lives sometimes, how do you usually de-stress?

I will usually spend time with my family, I call that as a stress reliever. During my down moments at work, spending quality time with them is the best way to keep myself stress free.


3.We have always seen you spending time with your family and friends, especially with baby Han, but you are working as well. How do you do that?

Well the schedule of my current job is quite flexible, which is also the main reason why I love my job. Since I can work anytime and anywhere I want, it’s hassle free now and of course this is why I have all the extra time to spend with the people I care.

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4. You have been travelling recently, can you share with us your top travel locations?

I love japan. To be specific, I love Kyoto and Arashiyama. Both these places are the best I’ve ever been, I feel so welcomed by the people. The environment and lifestyle here are rather slow pace, which also describes why I enjoyed my vacation so much. I thought of not coming back home to Malaysia too!

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“I can’t wait to visit both these cities again, every time I think of visiting Japan, my heart tinge with excitement ” – Jof.

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We hope you got to know a little more about Jofliam. Head over to his instagram, check out his travelling photos and start following him right away!

Stay tune and keep yourself updated to find out our latest updates!
Cheers to the weekend!