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1 + 1 = Gwiyomi!

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Everyone’s been sharing cute videos of girls (or guys) doing something called the Gwiyomi!  While some can’t stand the sight of girls (or boys) acting cute, we know a lot of you just can’t resist learning the steps and mastering this Gwiyomi challenge.

Some of our alphas have participated in the Gwiyomi challenge and we’re loving their versions of it…it fact, we loved them so much we even participated in the challenge ourselves!

Check out sweet Jane Chuck in her version

…and Yang Bao Bei’s adorable version!

Now, here is the ChurpChurp’s version of it!

Have you attempted the challenge yourself? Are you a lover or a hater of Gwiyomi? Let us know!

p/s : ChurpChurp is growing our team and are looking to hire energetic young ones to fill in our positions for Community Executive, Ad Operations Executive & Media Sales. Think you’ve got what it takes to join the A-team? Head right here to apply!

Nestlé – Celebrating 100 years with Malaysians

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100 years ago feels like an eternity – our grandparents might not even have been born yet, men still wore top hats and people were zipping around in horse buggies instead of cars.

There’s one company though that has been part of Malaysians’ lives the entire time, and that’s Nestlé! Not many companies have had this honour, and to celebrate this momentous milestone, they’re celebrating all year long with the Nestlé 100 Years project.

Nestlé is on a mission to collect 100,000 personal stories from Malaysians whose lives they’ve touched throughout the years, so read more about it and submit your stories about any of the Nestlé products you love here (http://www.nestle.com.my/nestle100years/Intro.aspx). Everybody’s sharing their stories – even our Churp Churp Alphas are in on it too!

On 6 August (Monday), some of our Churp Churp Alphas will be having a giveaway for the Nestlé 100 Years project. They’ll be asking you to share stories about your favourite moments with one of the Nestlé brands, Milo, and the best story will win a Nestlé hamper worth RM 50!

The Churp Churp Alphas who’ll be doing the giveaways on Monday are as follows (hyperlink all):


Sultan Muzaffar

Aida Sue

Sazzy Falak

Do follow all of them on Facebook and Twitter so that you’ll have a chance to win the Nestlé hamper while sharing your stories.

We love good stories, and we’d love to hear from all of you about how Milo has been a part of your lives. Remember to share your best stories on Monday!

ChurpChurp Alpha – Dennis Yin

   Category: Alphas, Malaysia |

Accomplished talented Alpha, who is very well known as one of the amazing members of Elecoldxhot crew, graces our weekly interview feature with his story on how he started his journey as a performer.

Energetic, macho and humorous Alpha Dennis Yin melts the heart of many with his natural talent whilst carving a prominent name in both local and international performing arts scenes. Dennis has gone a long way in not only establishing himself in dance competitions, but also as an actor in impactful viral videos circulating Malaysia. Talk about being an all-rounder!

What inspired you start dancing professionally and on a competitive level?
I started dancing when I watched 2 boys in my high school rapping and dancing at the same time. I was blown away. I started taking dance more seriously when I was 18 (2007), when I joined So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia Season 1 at the beginning of 2007. After that, it was dancing all the way for me. I joined competitions after competitions.

How did you learn the dance skills and to be diverse in choreographing dance moves?
I would say from the start, it was inspired by watching DVDs, MTVs, and by learning and watching from peers and seniors who I danced with. I never had the opportunity to take proper dance classes from a studio, so I had to find whatever way I could to learn. I remember asking friends who took dance classes to teach me what they learned in their classes, and share all the experience with me. I was curious and excited at the same time. I would watch Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Rain’s MTVs, over, and over, and over again.
As for choreography, for the most parts, it was inspired by a lot of things. Anything I see, even just how a tree would move being blown by wind, all these simple things, could inspire, not just by seeing other people dance. I took master classes, workshops and dance classes whenever I could, to improve on my technique and to train myself mentally and physically.

We understand that you’re also active in producing Vlogs. Tell us where do you see yourself 5 years from now in the film-making industry.
In 5 years’ time, I hope I’ve appeared in countless YouTube videos with Youtubers from Malaysia, and perhaps act in movies and some other projects too. I love acting, it’s fun and challenging!

I’m your biggest fan, what can I do to get your attention?
I have no idea. Definitely buying me gifts because I don’t get that a lot. Just kidding!

What is your biggest accomplishment?
I treasure and appreciate every single competition, workshop, dance classes, meeting new people, dancers, and everything in between. It is all part of me growing up as a person, and growing to be a better me in the present and the future would be my biggest accomplishment.

What do you love doing aside from dancing and vlogging?
Aside from Dancing and vlogging, I love to play sports. I do all kinds of sports.
But honestly, I’m dancing so much I hardly have time to do anything else. I love dancing, and I feel lucky to be dance as a career, hobby, and passion. If I’m not dancing for a career, I would probably be an air steward. I heard it’s tough to be one but I love to travel to different countries, for the cultures, architectures and people.

Has any of your dreams come true yet?
Meeting, dancing, and taking classes by many amazing dancers from around the world are my dreams. Dancing with a K-Pop artist wasn’t even a dream of mine, but it happened and I’m still shocked until today. Oh, I also wish to dance in the USA hopefully this year.

What is your idea of a perfect getaway?
Anywhere with family or friends is a perfect getaway. I love to go 2 places, either a beach, or a cold country. It because Malaysia is so hot I want something different for a change. Some place colder would make me happy, or beautiful, like going to a beach would be ah-mehhh-zziiinnnggg 😉 (I’m dreaming of beaches as I’m typing this out)

What kind of criteria are you looking in the opposite sex?
Funny, friendly, appreciate and supports me at what I do, laugh at my lame jokes, be weird with me (at times), be a kid with me, but for most parts, love me for being myself.

What is the best compliment that you’ve ever received from a fan?
To start off, I don’t take compliments well. I’m very harsh on myself to be honest. When fans and supporters compliment me, I appreciate and I’m always very honoured and blessed that people actually appreciate what I do.
All their compliments are the best to me. It fuels me to do better and improve and be a better me.

If you could wish for anything from a Genie, what would it be?
If I could wish for anything, I’d wish for Doraemon!! He would then be able to fulfill a lot of my dreams, like flying, and traveling to different places!

If you’re not using @dennisyin, what would your Twitter handle be?
I’d still be using @dennisyin. Maybe @dennisdance or @dancerdennis

If you were a twitter hash-tag, what would it be?
It would probably be #dennisyin #dennisdance #yinners #realry?! Or #dennisyinissocoolthathecanbehastaggedanywayyouplease.

Suggest us a must follow on Twitter account and YouTube, either than yourself of course.
Well, definitely follow ALL my friends who are on twitter and Youtube.
JinnyBoyTV, DanKhooProductions, Germaniproductions, Shawnleebeatbox and many others! Malaysia Boleh!!!

What do you usually look out for, on YouTube?
I search a lot of dance. And watch my favourite youtubers such as Nigahiga, Kevjumba, JustKiddingFilms, Timothydelaghetto, Wongfuproductions, and some rando m clips =)

Why do you think people follow you?
Because I’m COOL! Just kidding! I think people are following me to know my updates. I’m just a normal guy, and people actually follow me, that’s pretty cool. Thank you!

If Churpie could speak, what questions would you ask Churpie?
Can you give me a pair of wings so I could fly?

How does it feel like being a ChurpChurp Alpha?
It’s awesome, and very humbling at the same time. Being the smallest “ciku” of the list, I’m honoured to be a ChurpChurp Alpha. It’s like being on Hall of Fame for something.

Can’t get enough from Dennis? Be sure to follow Dennis on his Twitter and Facebook!


ChurpChurp Alpha – Dan Khoo

   Category: Alphas, Malaysia |

We’ve seen how massive the trends of video blogging and short films have grown along the years. In this week’s feature, we’ll take you a step closer to this Malaysian YouTube persona who has been dabbling in the short-filmmaking industry. This man who represents our very talented youth in Malaysia has definitely set his very own distinctive style to the viral videos he created.

Dan Khoo is more than capable to compose, create and direct his own short-films, while working with astonishing young talents who recognize what Dan needs as his characters. Follow Dan Khoo in his film-making journey!

What inspired you to shoot the topic of your very first video and finding the confidence to upload it on YouTube?

I started just like anyone else would – with 0 followers and no brand name. No one knew who I was so I had no problems uploading my first video because I didn’t had to worry about people criticizing. However, that was also bad because that meant that I had no audience! But things turned around pretty quick when the social media machine kicked in!

My first short love video was inspired by the fact that I’ve always loved watching short films on Youtube especially those made by the Asian Americans, but at that time when I started, no one in Malaysia was actively doing such things yet to represent us as Malaysians – so I decided, why not I try something different? The rest, is history!

How did you learn those great videography technique and skills, as applied in your videos?

Actually believe it or not, it all sorta came naturally. I didn’t had anyone to teach me solid technical skills neither did I attend any class/course related to filmmaking. I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot and saved enough money to set out and get the gears that I wanted. Perhaps all the years of watching movies have somehow embedded most of the necessary skills in me! But I still have much to learn regarding techniques and skills. I try to pick things up as much as I can along the way through friends and strangers!

Fortunately I have pretty decent people skills so I love working with actors. I do not have a strict method of telling people how to act, but rather, I convey the core message and leave it to their creativity to interpret the role. I’m also very lucky to have friends who are pretty good actors!

Where and what do you see yourself doing in the short-film industry 5 years from now?

Hopefully still very much alive and kicking and expanding my brand name to be not only widely known in Malaysia, but to the rest of the world! I would also like to dabble in the big screen one day too, if opportunity allows as I think that is something really interesting. I hope to have many large networks of friends all around the world where I can just travel around and make movies and have fun!

I’m your biggest fan, what can I do to get your attention?

Well, not that hard apparently as I make myself pretty accessible to whoever wants to talk to me and ask me questions. You can tweet me at @dan_khoo or join my Facebook Page to follow my adventures!

What is your biggest accomplishment?

In terms of my filmmaking adventures? Well, I guess it has to be becoming a Youtube Partner – which I am still counting my blessings! Hopefully more to come! Of course, becoming an ChurpChurp Alpha too!

What do you love doing aside from making awesome and creative videos?

Hanging out with friends, meeting new people and listening to stories! You’ll  never know when the next idea might pop up – its everywhere! I’d love to travel too! (I’m secretly a geek and love playing computer games too…but thats not really hard to see lol)

Has any of your dreams come true yet?

Yes, one by one! Not to be greedy but I do have quite a number of dreams! And sometimes they can get pretty big that they scare me too, leaving me wondering if I’m capable of such things! I have to work my way up one step at a time!

What is your idea of a perfect getaway?

To be with my loved ones in a quiet, secret destination by the beach or something. Alternatively, I’d like to have a bunch of awesome friends fly with me to some faraway place to shoot films

Care to tell us a bit about a current crush if you have one now?

Oh, would you believe me if I said I never had a girlfriend before? Hahah! And yes, I’m straight as a ruler. Don’t really have a crush now though! So I’m still waiting for HER, whoever she might be LOL.

What kind of criteria are you looking in the opposite sex?

Now this is a really though one! I would reply, “I’ll know it when I see it” but I guess people won’t be satisfied with that!

I guess she would be someone who can make me laugh alot, share all my happiest and saddest moments and be my strongest pillar. I would also want to be able to fall deeply in love with her and we would be the very best of friends and be very comfortable to share our lives together. If she fits all of these and also completes me in other aspects of my passion, hobby and work, she’ll definitely be the one heck of a girl.

What is the best compliment that you’ve ever received from a fan?

Well I guess the look on their face and their smile when they are happy is the  best compliment I could ask for!

If you could wish for anything from a Genie, what would it be?

More wishes!!! Oh, thats not possible? Well then, MORE GENIES!!!

If you’re not using @dan_khoo, what would your Twitter handle be?

Haha! @dankhoo? What’d were you expecting? @sexyfilmdirector? LOL!

If you were a twitter hash-tag, what would it be?

#dankhoosays. No really, I have no idea.

Suggest us a must follow on Twitter account and YouTube, either than yourself of course.

Twitter – @bolehland_net

Youtube – @freddiew

What do you usually look out for, on YouTube?

Videos by my regular favourite Youtubers, new faces and talents and above all, just pure good entertainment!

Why do you think people follow you?

I don’t know. But I know why I follow people – because those people that I follow are usually interesting people with unique personalities or skills. They keep me coming back for more!

If Churpie could speak, what questions would you ask Churpie?

Churpie!! How is it that you can speak? IMPOSSIBRU!!

How does it feel like being a Churp Churp Alpha?

Fun and definitely an experience worth remembering for me! I love the new friends as well as having new doors opened for me! Every step is an adventure!

Tell us a motto that you live by.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Never give up! Great things may not come easy in life. Its the hard things that make it special!

There you go Churpers! Are you inspired yet by this ‘@sexyfilmdirector’? Dan is humble, funny and super-creative! Eager to see his awesome films yet!?  Remember  to spot a few other Alphas in his videos!

Check out his YouTube Channel and follow his story-telling journey on Facebook and Twitter too!


Churp Churp Alpha – Yuyu Zulaikha

   Category: Alphas, Malaysia |

Cukup comel, lincah dan menghiburkan, cik adik manis kita giat menulis tentang kehidupannya yang ceria dan riang. Walaupun usianya baru saja 23 tahun, gadis ini mampu mengimbangi kehidupan seorang ‘student’, blogger dan juga sebagai seorang ikon kepada peminat-peminatnya dalam dunia media sosial. Yuyu Zulaikha seorang yang rendah diri, kelakar dan juga bermampuan dalam mengimbangi gaya hidupnya yang aktif! Ikuti perkembangannya sebagai Alpha Churp Churp dan di serata laman media sosial, dan temuramah ekslusif Yuyu Zulaikha.

Bagaimana Yuyu memulakan kerjaya dalam bidang karya penulisan atau blogging, dan menjayakan kerjaya ini dengan mantap sekali?
Sebenarnya Yuyu mula ber-belog sejak 2008. Cumanya, pada masa tu, entry Yuyu hanyalah luahan perasaan terhadap peperiksaan, kawan kawan, entry lirik lagu, , dan kebanyakan lebih merepek, dan satu satunya pembaca belog Yuyu adalah Yuyu Zulaikha.
Tapi bermula pada Disember 2010, Yuyu mula aktif berblog, “blogwalking” dari belog ke belog dan sejak dari bulan itu, ramai yang mula “follow” dan dapat menerima penulisan Yuyu. Terima kasih kerana sudi baca blog Yuyu.

Apakah passion/minat Yuyu selain ber-blogging?
Selain berbelog, Yuyu sangat sangat minat mengumpul heels dan buku motivasi. Yuyu takkan teragak-agak untuk beli kasut yang menarik dan buku motivasi dari ramai jenis penulis.

Apakah cabaran / pengalaman pahit yang pernah Yuyu lalui selama berada di bawah ‘spotlight’ dalam dunia ber-belog.
Sebenarnya dalam dunia ber-blog ni, banyak sangat pengalaman pahit yang Yuyu pernah lalui. Bagi Yuyu, semua tu benda wajib untuk mematangkan kita, tapi yang paling yuyu tak pernah lupa, bila ada pihak yang gunakan nama Yuyu (faker) untuk kacau suami orang. Habis Yuyu kena maki dengan kawan kawan isteri orang tu. Padahal, Yuyu tak kenal langsung suami dia. Tak semena mena, Yuyu rasa macam nak delete habis segala jenis akaun facebook dan belog Yuyu.

Apakah kejayaan terbesar Yuyu?
Alhamdulillah. Bagi Yuyu, kejayaan terbesar Yuyu buat masa ni adalah diberi kepercayaan oleh Nuffnang untuk menjadi salah seorang talent, dan semestinya daripada ChurpChurp sebagai salah seorang Alpha, sebab dulu Yuyu selalu berangan saja, hari ni, tak perlu berangan lagi. Selain itu, Yuyu pernah dijemput oleh beberapa stesyen TV, pernah juga Yuyu dijemput temubual untuk majalah dan dijemput untuk menjadi panel bagi ceramah motivasi.

Jenis pemakaian/fesyen yang paling disukai Yuyu.
Fesyen kegemaran Yuyu lebih kepada yang ringkas dan yang nampak ceria. Tapi Yuyu suka ber-eksperimen dengan fesyen yang ada, supaya sesuai dengan Yuyu yang bertubuh kecil dan muslimah bertudung. Hehehe.

Apakah yang menjadi sumber inspirasi Yuyu sebagai seorang blogger yang berpengaruh?
Kalau dalam berblog, Hanis Zalikha adalah inspirasi Yuyu sebab Yuyu teringin jadi blogger berjaya seperti Hanis. Muda , cantik dan berjaya,tapi dalam kehidupan, diri Yuyu banyak diinspirasikan oleh ramai orang, contohnya Tun Dr. Mahathir, Siti Khadijah (r.a) dan banyak lagi.

Makanan kesukaan anda?
Kalau tulis pasal makanan kesukaan, rasanya lebih dari sembilan page Yuyu mampu taip, asalkan makanan, Yuyu bedal makan saja. Lebih senang cakap, Yuyu tak makan sayur sebab pahit, kurang makan nasi, dan cuba elakkan makanan berminyak dan terlalu manis (gula).

Apakah destinasi percutian yang Yuyu syorkan kepada para pembaca?
Silalah jangan segan silu untuk pilih Langkawi sebagai destinasi perlancongan, selain cokelat murah, pantai cantik, banyak tempat yang menarik, Langkawi juga terkenal dengan penduduknya yang ramah, baik dan sopan santun, contohnya Yuyu Zulaikha. Hehehe.

Apakah hobi anda?
Selain berbelog, hobi Yuyu adalah melayari Facebook dan Twitter. Setiap hari juga Yuyu akan pastikan pendapatan tanaman Yuyu di Smurf’s Village (game) sentiasa maju dan di waktu sibuk atau lenggang yuyu suka mendengar pelbagai genre music dan membaca buku motivasi.

Apakah matlamat dan impian Yuyu dalam jangka masa 5 tahun?
Kalau diizinkan Tuhan, sebelum Yuyu berumur 28tahun, Yuyu harap pada masa tu Yuyu sedang sibukkan diri untuk habiskan PhD dalam Kewangan Islam, dan dalam lima tahun juga Yuyu berdoa sangat Yuyu dapat bantu ramai orang dengan hasil Yuyu seorang Blogger. Ada keluarga sendiri dan capai cita-cita Yuyu sebagai salah seorang ahli perbankan Islam dan paling penting, lima tahun lagi, Yuyu akan terus setia dengan ChurpChurp dan Nuffnang. (patriotik)

Ciptakan suatu hashtag bagi diri Yuyu.
#JeloZulaikha ^^

Nama personaliti yang Yuyu ikuti di Twitter atau Facebook?
Aaron Aziz, Wardina Safiyya, Heliza Helmi dan Paulo Coelho.

Siapa yang Yuyu cadangkan kami ikuti di Twitter atau Facebook?
Paulo Coelho! Terbaik! Banyak motivasi yang kita akan dapat. Belog Coelho pun sangat terbaik!

Apakah yang biasanya Yuyu cari di ruangan social media ?
Kawan kawan perempuan yang “gila-gila” macam Yuyu, online Shop yang menjual heels menarik dan berpatutan, dan website yang sediakan gelak (9gag).

Suatu soalan yang ingin ditujukan kepada para peminat?
1) Dalam banyak banyak kupukupu, kupukupu apa boleh ada blog?
2) Apa yang membuatkan korang baca blog Yuyu?
3) Apakah warna baju paling banyak Yuyu pakai?

Jika Churpie boleh berkata-kata, apakah soalan yang Yuyu akan tanyakan?
Churpie baca belog Yuyu pakai dua ketul mata Churpie yang bulat bulat tu ye?

Perasaan Yuyu menjadi Alpha bersama Churp Churp?
Tuhan saja yang tahu betapa 15May2012, 3.30pm, Yuyu adalah manusia yang paling gembira di dunia. Rasa tak layak sangat lagi Yuyu untuk terima semua ni, tapi Yuyu akan cuba buktikan yang Churpie happy dengan kehadiran Yuyu. Terima kasih ChurpChurp. (penuh dramatis. Hikhik)

Ceritakan tentang diri Yuyu dalam 140 patah kata..
Yuyu adalah seorang perempuan genit yang suka mencuba pelbagai benda. Kalau boleh, Yuyu nak sangat kumpul sebanyak mungkin pengalaman semasa muda, lebih banyak daripada koleksi kasut yang ada. Juga seorang anak yang sedaya upaya bahagikan masa sebagai seorang pelajar, blogger dan ahli dalam banyak kelab di kampus yang pernah satu hari tu, habis tak bangun dari 4.30petang hingga 2petang esoknya akibat penat yang melampau. Selain berbelog untuk mengisi masa lapang, Yuyu juga berbelog untuk berdikari dan berkongsi dengan pembaca betapa Yuyu kemain happy dengan kehidupan Yuyu. Yuyu menjadikan hidup Yuyu diinspirasikan oleh ramai orang orang yang berjaya dan sangat berharap Yuyu dapat menjadi inspirasi kepada orang lain.

Tersenyum-senyum kami di Churp Churp membaca temuramah si manis Yuyu Zulaika! Ikuti perkembangan Yuyu di FacebookTwitter, dan juga belog Yuyu yang diminati ramai! Tunggu apa lagi, beritahu Yuyu dan Churp Churp; apakah personaliti atau sifat yang paling anda suka tentang Yuyu di SINI dan anda berpeluang memenangi Stiker Kereta Esklusif Churp Churp! Comel seperti Yuyu, kan? 😉