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[#ChurpMYWIN] Playboy Fragrances: Who’s Your Valentine

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Good Day,

Monday no blues, dear Churpers. As today is coming to an end and we will be announcing the winners for the Playboy Fragrances: Who’s Your Valentine contest!

First of all, we would like to thank you for your participation in the Playboy Fragrances: Who’s Your Valentine contest! We loved all the entries, but unfortunately, we only have 5 lucky winners.

Here are the winners for the Playboy Fragrances: Who’s Your Valentine contest that caught our attention, congratulations! 🙂 Following is the Instagram handles of the winners:

@ nicolecynnie

@ mohdrizdwan90

@ husainimustapha

@ nashauzir

@ shiokleng

The prizes for the Playboy Fragrances: Who’s Your ValentinePlayboy Fragrances: Who’s Your Valentine contest are as below:

  • RM 121 worth of Playboy Wild products
  • An hour spa package
  • 4 movie passes
  • RM200 worth of shopping vouchers
  • RM300 worth of a nice/fancy dinner place

In order for you to redeem your prize, remember to fill in the form below to confirm the collection for your prize! Email will be sent out by 11th March 2016 (Friday).

ChurpmyWIN - A Valentine with Playboy Contest Winner Confirmation

Please fill in the details required, the deadline is on the 11th March 2016 (Friday), at 12pm.
  • The address that you are currently living at in order to redeem the dining vouchers.

Terms and conditions:
1) This contest is open to existing Churp Churp users in Malaysia.

2) To redeem your prize, you are required to have a Churp Churp account.

3) The winners above are required to fill in the form provided, in order to confirm your prize, the form must be submitted by 11th March 2016 (Friday), by 12pm. If you fail to confirm your details by the deadline, your participation will be forfeited, and any collection of prize will not be valid.

4) Collection of the prizes will be open for 2 weeks, from 1st April 2016 (Friday) to 15th April 2016 (Friday)Those who fail to collect their prizes by  15th April 2016 (Friday), at 3pm, your participation will be forfeited, and any collection of prize will not be valid.

5) Churp Churp reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.




Love is in the air! That’s right, Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. This Valentine, Playboy Fragrances Malaysia wants to spread some love (and some sexy scents).

Did you know that people are attracted to one’s scent?

Playboy Fragrances Malaysia’s several ranges of fragrances for both Him and Her are here to help you smell good, boost your attractiveness to your loved ones, secret crushes, and turn a few strangers’ heads!

Whether you’ve been feeling a little self-conscious lately, or you’re finally making a move on your secret crush of two years, or you just want to feel good on this Single Awareness Day (SAD), these magic bottles provide the extra boost of attractiveness and confidence:

For Her


Play It Wild






For Him



Play It Wild





original (1)


And we want to share the love with our community as well! Playboy Fragrances Malaysia is giving away a set of Valentine’s Package to 5 lucky winners! Basically your Valentine’s Day will be covered by Playboy Fragrances Malaysia! How awesome is that, right?

5 LUCKY WINNERS will win an amazing Valentine’s Package which includes:

  • RM 121 worth of Playboy Wild products
  • An hour spa package
  • 4 movie passes
  • RM200 worth of shopping vouchers
  • RM300 worth of a nice/fancy dinner place

Here’s how you can win these amazing prizes:

  1.       Get your creative juices flowing and snap a photo of yourself with your loved ones.
  2.       Tell us why he/she is your Valentine. And share your thoughts on how Playboy Fragrances boosts your attractiveness when you are with your loved ones.
  3.       Post your picture to Instagram (make sure your profile is set to ‘Public’)
  4.       You MUST include the hashtag #playitwildmy, #whosyourvalentine and #ChurpMYWIN
  5.       Finally, remember to fill in the form below to submit your entry! You may submit as many unique entries as you like.

[ChurpMYWIN] - A Valentine With Playboy Giveaway

Please fill in all fields in this form to be eligible for the contest.

*To copy the permalinks, kindly hover over your web Instagram of the photo you have uploaded and right click to copy them, and then paste it into the form that requires the ‘Instagram URL Link’.


  1. This contest is open to existing ChurpChurp users in Malaysia.
  2. To participate, post your picture to your own Instagram account with the required hashtag of #playitwildmy, #whosyourvalentine and #ChurpMYWIN and fill in the contest form above with the stated conditions. Only complete contest entry forms are accepted and eligible for participation.
  3. Protected Instagram profiles with updates that are not traceable by ChurpChurp will not be a ccepted as participation to the contest.
  4. Contest period will run from 2nd February 2016 (Tuesday) till 29th February 2016 (Monday), and the contest ends at 12.00 PM.
  5. Contest winners will be notified via email on 7th March 2016. Contest winners are required to collect their prize at ChurpChurp’s office.
  6. Judges’ decisions are final and not disputable.
  7. ChurpChurp reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


Relief for Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda – Thank you!

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Dear Churpers,

Remember the donation drive that we had on ChurpChurp a while ago for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda? Just to refresh your memory, you can check it out here. Well, the drive ended 5 days ago and we are proud to announce that thanks to your generous contributions and support, we (including our awesome sister company, Nuffnang) have managed to raise a whopping sum of RM 19,000. Is that amazing or what?

Your contributions, no matter how big or small, has made a difference in somebody’s life. We hope that you are proud of yourself as much as we are proud to have Churpers like you!

Here are some of our Churpers who have played a part in this donation drive, also not forgetting the ones who chose to be anonymous (you guys know who you are!):

Just so you know, 100% of the funds collected will be donated to Red Cross Philippines!

With lots of thanks,
The ChurpChurp Team!


Relief for Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda – Do your part and donate!

   Category: Charity |

Dear Churpers,

Typhoon Haiyan (also known as Typhoon Yolanda) has taken over the news ever since it hit the Philippines on the 8th of November 2013, where more than 600,000 people have now been displaced by the storm across the country and with no access to food, water or medicine. The numbers of the dead and injured are in the thousands now, and worse still, the list keeps getting longer every day.

We are deeply saddened by this tragedy, but there’s more we can do than to keep them in our prayers. As such, ChurpChurp is organizing a regional donation drive to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, and we urgently appeal to all of you in our wonderful ChurpChurp community to come together and do our part to help those in need.

From now till 22 December 2013, you can do your part and contribute to our fund in just a few simple steps, by donating either a portion of your ChurpChurp earnings, or via Paypal!

1. Head over to your ChurpChurp dashboard.

2. Look for the “[URGENT] Donate to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan!” campaign and click it.

3. Choose the denomination you would like to donate. The options are: RM5, RM10, RM25 and RM50. Please tick the box if you would like to donate anonymously (We will be featuring the names of all the donors at the end of this campaign, in recognition of your generosity.)

4. You will receive a confirmation email.

5. The amount will then be deducted from your current earnings.

There! Imagine that, with these 5 easy steps, you could easily help a starving child, a sick man or a dying woman.

Alternatively, you can also click on the link choose to donate via Paypal, where you can choose from a total of 12 charities to contribute to.

If you’ve been thinking, “I should do something to help the victims of this disaster”, well, today is the day you stop thinking, and start doing! The collection period for this donation drive is from the 22nd of November to the 22nd of December 2013, after which we will donate the total amount raised to Red Cross Philippines.

We know our community is capable of doing great things together, so do your part and help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan today. We thank you in advance for your generosity, and for being a part of this good cause!

You Can Make a Difference with R.AGE Against Bullying

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*Update: Stick Up Against Bullying Contest details*

“Nobody deserves to be bullied.”

Have you ever been the target of bullying before, and didn’t know who to turn to, or didn’t know how to voice up? A lot of us have been bullied before at some point in life, either through cyber bullying, verbal bullying, or physical bullying, and we know how difficult it is to talk about it without being afraid.

The only way to achieve change is to let your voices be heard. You can make the change, YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE! Join us in supporting The Star’s R.AGE Against Bullying movement, and make a difference!

The Star – R.AGE Against Bullying aims to gather 100,000 pledges from Malaysians, so that all of our voices about the issue of bullying in Malaysia will get the attention they deserve. We can’t do this alone, and that’s why we are asking you Churpers to come join us in this movement! Show people that you are against bullying and that you won’t stay quiet about it.

The steps are simple. All you have to do is:

1)      Write your anti-bullying pledge on a plaster.

2)      Take a photo of it.

3)      Post it online at RageAgainstBullying.com

Upload it to your social media sites with the hashtag #RageAgainstBullying to let your family, friends and followers know that you are supporting the fight against bullying.


Our Alpha, Daphne Iking is a huge supporter of this movement. Watch this video as she tells us about her experiences with bullying.

If you’ve been bullied before and wish you had been able to tell somebody, now you’ve got the chance, as the website www.RageAgainstBullying.com will be a digital sanctuary where bullied victims can share/highlight their experiences on their pin-a-bully heatmap (don’t worry, everything is kept anonymous). You can also find help and support via Call-Lines, FAQ, and info sheets.

What are you waiting for? Pledge your support now!


Besides that, there’s also a photo contest where you can participate in and win RM1,000! Here’s all the information you will need to know:

1) The contest can be found here. This is where you can write a message on a plaster, post it up and it will be counted as 1 pledge on the pledge counter.

2) Photos tagged with #RageAgainstBullying that is posted up on Instagram will automatically be pulled into the competition, Unfortunately, these pictures will not count as a pledge since they have been uploaded without filling in the pledge form.

3) ALL photos in the Stickup Against Bullying section will qualify for the photo contest.

4) The 3 photos in the Stickup Against Bullying section with the highest number of LIKES will win RM1,000 each.

More details can be found  at their T&C and FAQ.

Start snapping to show your support!

Filling Moments at #ChurpoutBukaPuasa, Bijan Restaurant

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Salam mesra, Churpers!

It was a lovely night meeting all of you at #ChurpoutBukaPuasa last Saturday (27 July 2013) at Bijan Restaurant! Here’s a handy recap of the night for those who couldn’t join us this time.

Welcome to Bijan, where they serve some of the finest Malay cuisine in Kuala Lumpur!

After registration, our Churpers headed over to the awesome backdrop/photo corner, where they could go crazy with some cool props as they got their pictures taken! They also got a Polaroid version which they could take back with them.

While waiting to buka puasa, Churpers could put up their Azam Raya on a wishing tree we prepared for that night.

We also had a special booth for a game called ‘Puzzle Trouble’, where Churpers had to solve a picture puzzle with Churpie on it as fast as possible to win attractive hijabs from Hijab2Go worth over RM100.

Waktu maghrib finally arrived as the clock struck 7.30. Time to berbuka!

Here are some of the delicious dishes that were served at Bijan Restaurant that night:

1. Masak Lemak Ayam Nangka
2. Korma Kambing
3. Kepak Ayam Goreng
4. Sambal Tumis Udang
5. Satay Ayam & Daging
6. Kerabu Nangka
7. Kerabu Sotong
8. Aneka Kuih

Serenading us during dinner that night were Clement and Krystal, who performed beautiful covers of Hotel California, Balik Kampung, and Kau Ilhamku! Thanks for making the night joyful guys!

After getting our tummies filled, we had some fun games in store for Churpers, where they could win themselves exclusive ChurpChurp merchandise. Check out the prizes that awaited our Churpers that night:

After an exciting ice-breaking game of Speed Shutter, our second game challenged our Churpers’ drawing skills. Churpers had to draw their own version of a word given to them, and pass it on to the next team member in line, until the last member had to guess what the word was. Would there be a Picasso in the house? Check out our highlights for the Draw Something session!

The winning team got to walk away with a huggable Churpie plushie each.

The night got interesting as we moved on to another game called the ‘Balloon Boom!’ The rules were simple – each team had to answer a trivia question while a member from the opposing team inflated a balloon as fast as possible. The team with the balloon that bursts first loses!

It was also one of our Churpers’ birthday that night! Selamat Hari Jadi, Fareez!

All great things must come to an end, as did #ChurpoutBukaPuasa at 9.30PM. But before we ended the event, we had to announce the winners for the ‘Puzzle Trouble’ game, and ‘Enaknyaaa di Bijan’ Instagram contest, where Churpers were to post up their best pictures of the night on Instagram!

Big thumbs up to Churper Kasha for her awesome collage of food that won her the first prize for the ‘Enaknyaaa di Bijan’ Instagram contest! She had won a Keep Calm and Churp tee and a complimentary-for-one voucher for Ramadan Buffet at Bijan Restaurant.

And congratulations to these beautiful ladies as well, as they all won a lovely hijab from Hijab2Go for being the fastest to complete the ‘Puzzle Trouble’ game!

Everyone did not leave empty-handed as they all went home with a one-of-a-kind Hari Raya postcard, which we made especially for our Churpers.

Check out the awesome donations collected from our Churpers that night!

The donations were then sent over to Asrama Darul Falah (ASDAF). Thanks for your contribution, Churpers!

And of course, no Churpout ends without a big family picture, so spot yourself, Churpers!

If you were unable to join us, but are now drooling over pictures of the food we posted above, then try out Bijan Restaurant’s Ramadan buffet for yourself. We’re sure you’ll enjoy every bite!

For reservations, please call 03-20313575 or e-mail admin@bijanrestaurant.com.

For more information on Bijan Restaurant:
Website – http://www.bijanrestaurant.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Bijanrestaurant

Lastly, we have another giveaway specially for all of you Churpers who were there with us that night! We would like to know how much you enjoyed the event, so tell us about your experience with #ChurpoutBukaPuasa at Bijan Restaurant on Twitter, Instagram, or your blog (or all 3 of ‘em), and you stand the chance to win an exclusive Keep Calm and Churp tee! The giveaway ends on 6th August 2013 (Tuesday), so hurry and send in your reviews now.

For more exciting pictures of the event, check out our album at our Facebook Page.

We would like to thank all our Churpers once again for spending a Saturday evening having fun and berbuka with us. We wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidifiltri in advance, and we hope to see you guys soon!