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A walk down memory lane of 2014

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2014 is has come to an end! So Churpers, how has this year treated you so far?

It has been a year full of ups and downs, however we would like to express our gratitude to your endless support for ChurpChurp! So, thank you Churpers for making this year a memorable one.

That being said, let’s all walk down memory lane together to recap and reminisce of all the exciting events and good time spent together this year!

1. In January, we held our very second #CNYCHURPOUT with Tiger Radler at The Tavern! It was one exciting event with lots of games and lou sang tossing!


1798599_10152163477085020_1452777922_n 1798322_10152163475860020_1602491131_n1896966_10152163472680020_1818584537_n


2. Wait, we did not only have one, but TWO #CNYCHURPOUT this year. Hence, we ended Chinese New Year with a bang with Tesco Online @ Bankers Room.



3. Next up in March, our Churpers had the challenge of their lives trying to escape themselves at the Escape Room with ChurpChurp!



4. As for the music-lover Churpers, we had Alex Goot & Against The Current LIVE in KL in store for them in August!


5. We even had #CHURPOUTInTheDark in October where we went through a truly inspiring journey of living in darkness for one evening.

Picture1 (2)


6. Our Churpers were in for a laugh as they solved a murder mystery case of WHODUNIT at Shear Madness Malaysia with ChurpChurp in . That’s some real crimedy right there! =P


7. Even our Churpies get to have fun! We had an internal Christmas party, the Nuffies X-Mas 2014! With secret santas, pot luck and a childrens’ theme, our Christmas was indeed an awesome one.


That, Churpies, concludes 2014 for ChurpChurp Malaysia! We hope you enjoyed your journey with us from all the exciting Churpremieres, contests and events! We hope that 2015 will be a better year for us all and we can’t wait to share all of our plans with you =)!



With lots of love,
The ChurpChurp Team

Get ready to be WWWOW-ed at the biggest DiGi WWWOW Internet for All Awards 2014!

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Are you a master tweeter, avid Instagrammer or perhaps an online entrepreneur and want to be recognized for it? Well then, here’s your chance to step up to the next level as an Internet sensation as DiGi is here to celebrate YOU with the DiGi WWWOW Internet for All Awards 2014!


That’s right, DiGi is once again looking for the Next Big Thing on the World Wide Web and this time, they are giving you the chance to join in their exclusive workshops! These workshops could just be the thing you need to help enhance your entries and bring you one step closer to winning these Awards. Just remember to register for the workshop at www.wwwow.my.

What’s more interesting this year is the Top 10 entries are given the chance to present your ideas live in front of judges. Here’s your time to shine and show off your entrepreneurism to potential partners, industry leaders and experts!

So if you have brilliant ideas for Internet greatness – whether it’s a hilarious tweet, breath taking photography, mouth-watering food blogs, high-potential business proposal or a successful fund-raiser event – DiGi champions creativity, uphold entrepreneurialism and recognizes ingenuity on the Internet.

The WWWOW! DiGi WWWOW Internet for All Awards 2014 has an all new awards format with 3 great categories to choose from – Commerce, Content and Community. The year’s awards will run from 1st April – 31st May 2014, which are open to any submission that has the potential to go above and beyond what it already is at the moment!

You can start by checking out which categories fit you best:

Commerce – You’re a sales supremo on the net, an entrepreneur whose venture relates to the World Wide Web. If you own a virtual shop, a business-startup founders/inventors or online F&B entrepreneur, then this is the category for you!

Content – You’re the kings and queens of web content. Tweeting and Instagramming are your bread and butter, or you’ve probably tried every food and restaurant around the corner and blogged about it. You’ve lurked well enough to create and craft things online, such as videos, music, apps, editorial content of all sorts!

Community – Doing good is in your DNA and your idea brings change for a better Malaysia. No matter if your event was in the past or is yet to take place, you can submit your online fund raiser or public awareness campaign ideas now!

And of course, after all the dedication and time spent on late night editing and cracking your brains trying to come up with the most interesting content and ideas for your followers, DiGi wants to reward your idea with ALL of the following breath-taking prizes below:

–          RM25,000 cash prize

–          A Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rose Gold

And let’s not forget their exclusive Money-Can’t-Buy Experiences for each category winners!

Have we gotten your interest? Then submit your entry on www.wwwow.my now! Here’s how:

  1. Register yourself via Facebook, Twitter or your Google+ Account at www.wwwow.my
  2. Select a category you’re most interested in and submit your entry
  3. Fill in the online WWWOW journal and feel free to tweak and perfect your entry before the closing date
  4. Spread the word and get your friends and followers to vote for you!

Think you got what it takes to take home RM25,000? Head over here and submit your entries now, Churpers! Don’t forget to show your support and vote for the most deserving entries too!

We at ChurpChurp would like to wish the best of lucks to all the participants!

2013 in 12 AWESOME Months!

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Hello Churpers,

It’s that time of the year again to reflect and reminisce the good times of 2013. We think it has been one REMARKABLE year growing with you!

No amount of contests, Churpremieres, events, could ever be made possible without your never-ending support.  Thank you for making 2013 a success for ChurpChurp!

Let’s kick start this re-cap with a walk down memory lane, featuring the highlights of ChurpChurp Malaysia in 2013.

1. What other way is there to start the year 2013 than with the super viral Harlem Shake? That’s right, Churpies and Nuffies alike all joined in the craze and danced up a storm!

2. #CNYChurpOut was our very first CNY gathering held at Vault Wine Bistro. Remember our most epic lousang ever with over 70 of you guys? Good times!

3. In March, we heard, we listened and so we released the all new ChurpChurp iOS app live on the App Store to make it easier for our Churpers to share their awesome ChurpChurp campaigns and stories on-the-go!

4. You have seen our fun and crazy side, but have you seen our cute side yet? We uploaded another viral video on April and this time it’s the Churpie version of Gwiyomi!

5. ChurpChurp introduced a new feature called Snapshare where by Churpers were rewarded for their photos on Instagram! Our first ever Snapshare campaign was for GUINNESS #MadeofMore and a total of RM5,000 were rewarded to the community!

6. Pew Pew Pew. What are those sounds we’re hearing? It must be from the #ChurpPewPew event we had at the end of May where 60 Churpers got a chance to become Galactic Laser superheroes for a bit!

7. We celebrated Hari Raya in style this year with #ChurpOutBukaPuasa at Bijan Restaurant where 80 Churpers were treated to a night of food, entertainment and games!

8. If you’ve been with ChurpChurp these couple of months then you must have heard or at least read about Churp Live & Loud! We introduced our very first Churp L&L campaign in August with Astro in conjuction with Merdeka where 30 Churpers had fun playing games, making new friends, and most importantly, getting rewarded with RM100 for their live updates!

9. #TheNewChurp2 was released to the public in September and everyone got to experience the all-new exciting ChurpChurp.com! To commemorate this event, we gave out 70 Churpie plushies to our Churpers who told us what their favourite feature was!

10. And how can we even forget about the most awesome event of the year, #ChurpOut2013? With over 4,000 participants, 2,000 Instagram photos, 2,500 tweets (trended on Twitter) and an event that went from 11.00AM till 11.00PM, it was definitely our BIGGEST #ChurpOut yet!

11. In honour of Halloween, we collaborated with Golden Screen Cinemas to bring you the eeriest event of the year: #GSCHorrorFest. For 7 hours, 300 brave Churpers braced themselves for 3 spooktacular movies in a row!

12. And, we ended the year with three sessions of #ChurpChristmas Tour to show off our Memeland inspired Christmas Deco in the Orange office as well as to provide our Churpers an insight of our awesome lives here in ChurpChurp!

So that wraps up our 2013 for ChurpChurp Malaysia! We hope you enjoyed every moment of it as much as we did! All we have to say is … 2014 is going to be so much better and we can’t wait to share our plans for it with you!

With lots of love,
The ChurpChurp Team

Buddyz Never Apart Thanks to DiGi Easy Prepaid!

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Who says it’s difficult to stay never apart with your buddyz for free? You just haven’t try out DiGi Easy Prepaid!

With DiGi Easy Prepaid, you get to call, SMS and surf the web for free. Wanna organise a lepak session at the nearest mamak? Just give your buddyz a call. Missing your BFF? Give them a text! Wanna share that new viral video about the fox with your friends? Mobile internet is your best friend!

What’s even better, is you can register up to 3buddyz, so you can call and text them for free, every day! It gets better if you subscribe to any monthly Mobile Internet packages – you’ll get 2 EXTRA BUDDYZ on top of the existing 3, for 5Buddyz altogether! Got loads of news to share? Now, you don’t have to worry ‘cause it won’t cost you a thing.

What’s the icing on top of the cake you ask?! Well nothing much, just some UNLIMITED INTERNET at only RM18/month.  Now talk about having worry-free Internet –you can now go online without having to keep track of your data usage. Just how awesome would that feel! *squeals in excitement*

Now’s the time to sign up, because if you activate your new SIM card now, you’ll get 2 days of FREE internet! Cyber freedom FTW.

For more information, hop on over to this website.

6 Awesome Things You Can Do at #ChurpOut2013

   Category: ChurpOut, Events, Highlights, Malaysia |

Hey Churpers!

Remember #ChurpOut2012? If you thought that was a blast, then you’ll absolutely love #ChurpOut2013. That’s right, our biggest #ChurpOut is back again, and we dare say it’ll be even more fabulous!

Date: 19 October 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 11am – 8pm
Venue: Outdoor Park, Setia City Mall

We guarantee that there’ll be something for everyone at #ChurpOut2013, with four different zones – Center Stage, Marketplace, Street Fair and Tech Zone – to keep you occupied all day.

Here are 6 super fun things you can do at #ChurpOut2013:

1. Rock out to all-day entertainment

Watch out for top-notch performers like Cheer Aces, Grupo Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Malaysia and more at the Center Stage all day! There will also be a special umbrella graffiti art display you can participate in by graffiti artist Kenji Chai, and a dress inspired by the Hunger Games’ Katniss and designed by fashion designer Gilbert Ng on display.

2. Be the first to try Super Junior’s favourite dish

It wouldn’t be a street fair without food, and food is what you’ll find at the Marketplace. You’ll be one of the first to try food by KyoChon, one of our #ChurpOut2013 partners! They’re also one of Korea’s largest fried chicken restaurant franchises, and have Super Junior as their ambassadors.

3. Get the looks of your favourite fashion icons

At the Marketplace, you can also raid the wardrobes of your favourite fashion icons like Fourfeetnine and Cheesie from Foruchizu, Bobo Stephanie and more, and shop till you drop at stalls by your favourite online boutiques. A portion of the proceeds go to charity, so shop away!

4. Scare yourself silly on the reverse bungee

Source: L,R

Dare you take on our awesome reverse bungee? Try it out at the Street Fair section. Check out this video for a sneak peek of what you’re in for! Psst… you might even see some of your favourite ChurpChurp Alphas getting catapulted into space at the reverse bungee!

5. Fly a kite, or blow some bubbles

Adrenaline rushes not your thing? Try flying kites instead, or blowing giant bubbles! You could easily pass a whole afternoon staring into the pretty colours of bubbles, or taking your kite to greater heights!

6. Have a movie date under the stars

Sunset brings more surprises at #ChurpOut2013! Thanks to Astro and NEF, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy blockbusters like Toy Story 3, NY Cinta and The Hunger Games at our unique outdoor cinema.

7. Get your very own customized ChurpOut2013 Chari-Tee

That’s right, here’s your chance to have a T-shirt that’s truly your own! We’ve partnered with ZiccoTees to produce a special, limited edition #ChurpOut2013 Chari-Tee, which you can customize with your own Twitter handle. It’ll cost you only RM 35, and RM 5 from each sale will go towards selected NGO partners for #ChurpOut2013. Click here to get yours now!

Are you excited for #ChurpOut2013 yet? Entrance to #ChurpOut2013 is absolutely FREE and is open to all, so do bring all your friends and family down for a whole lot of fun, food, fashion, games and entertainment at the Outdoor Park, Setia City Mall on 19 October!

For more information on #ChurpOut2013, log on to www.churpout.com. See you there, Churpers!