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App of the week: The Ultimate Friend Test

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We spend a lot of time on Facebook, and most of us have hundreds of friends – but how well do we really know our “friends”? Are we really bffs and bros?

How about taking up the challenge? Take The ULTIMATE Friend Test and find out how much you actually know your friends. Answer questions from their Facebook profile: when their birthdays are, where they studied, where they checked in or what they have liked.

This game will truly test your memory. Do you remember who ended up with this silly status from a Facebook-jack

Or that this cheeky one, liking this page!

Too easy? Take it up to the next level and add on expansion packs with the coins you earn and you’ll be able to challenge your friends by seeing if you can identify an anonymous status update or link!

So, do you really measure up in the end as The ULTIMATE Friend? Download it from the App Store and Google Play today!

ChurpChurp – Now Available at an App Store Near You

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Guess what, Churpers?

We’ve heard all your requests for something that would make and sharing all the awesome ChurpChurp campaigns and stories on the go easier, and we’re proud to announce the all new ChurpChurp iOS app is now live on the App Store!

That’s right – now you’ll never have to worry about missing another ChurpChurp campaign, community update or interesting story anymore! The ChurpChurp app will provide all the functionality the web version does, and here’s an overview of all the awesome features and things you can do with the app:


DISCOVER – See What’s Trending

  • Catch up on the latest viral videos, trending stories and funny pictures on the Internet
  • Share an interesting story you’ve found
  • Comment on the stories and share them with your friends via Twitter/Facebook
  • Double tap on a story to ‘heart’ it
  • Swipe left/right to switch between the ‘Featured’, ‘Vote’ and ‘Friends’ feed

REWARDS – Share & Earn

  • View all the ChurpChurp campaigns available for sharing on the go
  • Read more about the campaign and view the site you’re sharing from the app
  • Personalize your message and share with a few simple taps

COMMUNITY  – Hop on board

  • Get updates on the latest events, contests and promotions for the community

ME – All about your ChurpChurp account

  • View your earnings, stories and campaigns shared, and friends/followers on ChurpChurp
  • Update your settings/preferences for campaigns and notifications
  • Cash out your earnings from the app

Now that you’ve seen all that the app can do, it’s time to try it out yourself. Download the ChurpChurp app now for the ultimate Churping experience!

The Instagram Connection

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If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we’re not shy about our love for Instagram and as such, we’re excited to tell you about a cool new feature we’re rolling out today!

We’re now giving you Churpers the option to connect your Instagram account to ChurpChurp, which will mean more awesome campaigns and contests you can be part of in the future!

You can connect your Instagram account to ChurpChurp in just a few seconds. Simply head on to the Manage Account page which you can access at the top right hand corner of the page. Next, go on to the General tab on that page, where you’ll see this ‘Connect to Instagram’ button:

Click the button, and you’ll have connected your Instagram account with ChurpChurp.

Don’t forget to also let us know which platform you’re using Instagram on as well! You can select iOS or Android, or both if you have a few devices on different platforms.

You’re all set now, so sit tight and watch out for cool campaigns and contests you can participate in with Instagram!

For the love of Instagram

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Instagram is no doubt one of the most well-known and well-loved mobile apps around; after all, over 30 million registered users can’t be wrong. Since it was founded 18 months ago, over 1 billion photos have been uploaded by its users. Of course, Churpie is a proud contributor to that colossal number and we’re sure many of you are too!

Have you ever wished that you could bring the Instagram experience to your desktop, and enjoy viewing gorgeous photos on a much bigger screen? Instagram web viewers will let you do just that! There are quite a number of Instagram web viewers available now, and we’ll introduce you to a few of the popular ones:

1. Pinstagram 

Pinstagram is exactly what it sounds like – a cross between Instagram and the online pin-board, Pinterest! If you’re a fan of Pinterest, you’ll love this as it lays out your Instagram feed in an manner almost identical to how Pinterest displays pins from people you follow. Not only can you like and comment on Instagram pictures you see, you can even pin your favourite Instagram pictures!

2. Webstagram

Webstagram is one of the most feature-packed web viewers we’ve seen – this one’s for the power users! Not only can you like and comment on photos in your feed, you have the option to view it in three different sizes or on Instagram web, and you can also share pictures you love on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, G+ and Pinterest. You can also view popular photos, photos you’ve posted and liked, just like the Instagram app and much more!


3. Statigram 

Statigram is one of Churpie’s personal favourites! Aside from its web viewing functions, Statigram also offers comprehensive statistics about your Instagram account. If you’ve ever wondered which photos are your most liked, which filters you use the most, how many followers you’ve gained recently, Statigram has all the answers. Here are some of our statistics! Nifty, right?


These web viewers are only a few of the many web viewers there are out there. Have a look at these links and check out all the web viewers listed, and see which one is your favourite!





We wanna share the Instagram love with all of you, Churpers! Share photos of your love for ChurpChurp with us by tweeting about it and include the hashtag #churpchurp. We’ll print out your pictures, to be compiled into a big display of all your awesome Instagram photos in our office! Send us your photos today, Churpers, and remember to follow us on Instagram at @Churp2!

Social Sharing Dos’ – How to Maximize your Social Share Earnings!

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Hi Churpers!

Hope all’s well in the sizzling race! If you’re not in the hot race to iPad 2 yet, here‘s how to join everyone else!

There are so many Social Sharing campaigns on-going like the HyppTV, WWWOW Awards, Make your Life ‘Senang’ with more ‘Menang‘, Test Drive with Proton Exora, Mother’s Day Celebration, and What’s My Berry that I’m sure you just can’t wait to share or have been sharing them diligently to all of your family and friends!

So with all that sharing, we’re sure you guys are familiar on how Social Sharing works, but if you still don’t, fret not! Feel free to read here for more info! Well, how do you obtain and retain clicks once you share it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites?

Constantly sharing it, of course! 🙂

Basically what you have to do is to make sure your Social Sharing updates appears on the top of the page as frequent as you can to maximize your rewards! Since you know Facebook and Twitter have so many updates at times, these updates go right down to the bottom of the page and woops, some rewards could be missing right there from being missed out on the front page! Especially for Twitter, this tip might come in REAL handy!

Here’s an example how you can maximize your rewards for Facebook for All:

See how this user has shared the campaign on April 18, 2011?

Well, she has the liberty to update it as many times as she wants -right up till last night!

Another example:

See how she shared on April 24, 2011?

Here’s another update last night!

Cool, right? Remember to maximize your clicks cause more people checking it out equals to more rewards! Have fun while you’re at it! 🙂